4 Tips On How To Make A Guy Ask You Out

4 Tips On How To Make A Guy Ask You Out

If you’ve been chatting with this really interesting guy, then you will wait for that moment when he’s going to ask you out. However, sometimes guys might not make that move and you will be left perplexed. Should I ask him out? Should I drop a hint? There is no need to fret; and here are a few tips that will see you go out on a date, without too much trouble.

Show a little interest: A number of men have complained that women can sometimes put them off from asking them out. The probability of being turned down is a realistic fear that men state as the biggest obstacle. That is why you need to be a little more welcoming, as a woman. While chatting with the guy you like make sure you bring up different topics so that he knows you’re interested. Eventually he will be asking you out.

Don’t be too open: If you really like a guy don’t just tell him flat out that you do. This is too much information for a chat. Wait for him to ask you out, and then you could open up a little. This is one of the most important dating tips for women. A smart thing to do is tell your close friends about him and let them drop subtle hints. This always works and guys get the signal. It’s not too open and not too shy either.

Talk about your routine: Letting the guy know about your work schedule is a great way of telling him that you’d love to go out with him when you’re free. Any guy can take such a hint and you’ll find yourself on a date in a few days time. There are a number of ways to flirt with a guy you like and this is just a good way to begin.

Have fun: This is as important a point as any. While chatting with a guy you view as a potential date, don’t forget to be yourself and have fun. There is no other way you can really have a wonderful date. Being serious isn’t a bad thing but too much of it could see you push the guy away. Just be calm and go where the conversation takes you.

The all important question, how do you make a guy ask you out? is something that many girls try to decode. Make sure you keep the above mentioned tips in mind but don’t think too much about it. If the guy is genuinely interested you won’t have to wait too long for it.

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