23 Truly Adorable Ways He Shows His Love Without Saying I Love You


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23 Truly Adorable Ways He Shows His Love Without Saying I Love You

Almost every woman loves to hear ‘I Love you’ every now and then from her man. But, expressing love does not come easy to every man. While some men carry their hearts on their sleeves, some find it really tough to share their feelings with their sweethearts. But, just because your man does not say those three magical words out loud, does not necessarily mean that he is not in love with you. He may actually be showing his affection in many other ways, which you might fail to notice.

So ladies, if you really feel bad that he never tells you how much he loves you, then it is time for you know about these signs through which he might actually be expressing that.

#1. He pays a surprise visit to your office to have lunch together.

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Or sends some flowers before your big meeting, or comes home a bit early just spend some quality time with you.

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#2. There is always a smile on his face after a long, passionate kiss.

#3. He helps you in the kitchen even if he is tired.

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Be it while preparing the meal, clearing the table or anything else, he tries his best to share the workload.

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#4. He randomly calls you during work and simply asks if you are doing fine.

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Or simply sends you a smiley through the text message, just like that!

#5. He lets you watch your favourite show or movie even if there is an interesting match going on.

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What’s more? He even watches the show with you without complaining.

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#6. He always behaves like a true gentleman with your friends even if he dislikes them.

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And, no matter how silly or pointless discussions you are having with your pals, he listens to them patiently with all smiles.

#7. He goes out in the middle of the night to get your favourite ice cream, burger or anything else that you are craving for.

And, that is not all! He even watches you eating it with a big smile on his face.

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#8. He remembers all the special days.

Well, maybe not your ‘first meeting or first kiss anniversary’! But, he certainly makes efforts to remember your birthday, marriage anniversary, and other such important days.

#9. When you go for shopping with him, he always helps you in dress selection.

And, he does not even stop you from buying anything, unless of course, it will leave him broke!

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#10. He gives you a good massage whenever you feel tired after a busy day.

Image Courtesy: Break Ke Baad

#11. He never shies away from holding your hand in public places.

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And, he feels proud in introducing you to his friends or colleagues.

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#12. He surprises you by gifting you the things you have been wishing from long.

Or even takes you to the places that have been on your wish list from quite some time.

#13. Even after a fight, he tries to talk to you and does anything just to make you smile.

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#14. He always shares everything good or bad happening in his life with you first. 

#15. Instead of using the word ‘I’ or ‘Me’ while talking, he uses ‘We’ without even realising it.

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#16. You are always a part of his big plans in life.

And, he even takes your suggestions before taking any major decision.

#17. He hugs, cuddles or kisses you every now and then.

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#18. He stays awake the entire night whenever you are ill.

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And, tries his best to look after you just like your mother!

#19. He never hesitates to go crazy with you.

Image Courtesy: Cocktail

Simply because he loves to see that big smile on your face!

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#20. He always places a new order if you mistakenly order bad food while eating out.

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Because, he wants you to have is a good time and good food.

#21. He always listens to all the gossips that you usually have at the end of the day to share with him.

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Be it about your relatives, friends, work or anything else, he listens to it all patiently with a smile on his face.

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#22. He constantly keeps you updated about himself whenever he is out with his friends or on an official tour.

And, he never goes to sleep without chatting with you online or speaking to you over phone.

#23. He encourages you to follow your dreams or passion.

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Love does not always have to be expressed with words. Sometimes, little things that he does for you speak a lot about his love. So, if you have not noticed his actions so far, it is time that you should start paying attention to them.

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