20 Things No One Tells You When You Are About To Become Parents


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20 Things No One Tells You When You Are About To Become Parents

Are you about to enter parenthood? If yes, then we are sure that by now you must have been advised by your family members about what to do when you have a baby. You must have even been talking to various friends and family members, who recently became parents, to prepare yourself for the coming time.

They might have given you some useful tips, but there are few things which no one tells you when you are about to enter parenthood. Wondering what kind of things we are talking about?

Well, here is the answer.

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#1. You will be sleep deprived for many months. And sometimes you will end up bargaining with God for just 1-2 hours of peaceful sleep for yourself.

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#2. No matter how many books you read about parenting, they will not be that helpful unless you experince it practically.

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#3. You will become aware of all the baby products and toys in a short span of time.

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#4. You might accidently hurt your child and will feel terrible for days. The thought that “you are the worst parent” will definitely cross your mind.

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#5. With passing time, you will end up turning like your parents, without even realising it.

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#6. Don’t make fun of your kids in public; else they might say some embarrassing things about you out loud just to make the score equal.

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#7. All of a sudden, you will become an expert in poop reading. Just by looking at the bowel movements of your child, you will be able to tell whether he/she is sick or not.

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#8. No matter how important match you are watching, you have to change it and watch cartoon when your kid demands it.

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#9. You will also become an expert in expression reading. Whenever your kid has to poop, pee or puke, you will know it all by their expressions.

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#10. No matter how careful you are with your phone, spectacles or any other delicate possession, your kid will manage to find it out to play with it.


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#11. You will develop the art of bargaining with your child. You will please your child to have something equally good in exchange of your possession.

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#12. You will instantly hate those people who pinpoint any bad habit of your child.

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#13. Your smart phones will have more kid games and wallpapers of cartoon characters.


#14. The backseat of your car will always be scattered with kids stuff.


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#15. To make sure your kid does not wake up while sleeping, you will learn to tip toe around the house effortlessly.


#16. You will find yourself Googling for all sort of things, from “how to change the nappies” to “kids lullaby” to “tips to make them sleep” and what not.


#17. You will start talking to your kid in alien language and copy their actions no matter how silly they are.

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#18. You will think twice before spending money on anything and everything.


#19. Your start multitasking even better than before. Your speed to do work, be it household or office work, will increase automatically.


#20. Just by looking at your cute, adorable baby you will forget about all the worries and tensions in your life. You will just smile and laugh with your kid.

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So, did anyone tell you all these things? We bet not. Being a parent is an amazing experience and sometimes exhausting too. But at the end of the day, when you look at your kid, everything seems worth it. Isn’t it?

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