19 Really Hilarious Excuses That Indian Parents Give To Convince Their Children To Marry


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19 Really Hilarious Excuses That Indian Parents Give To Convince Their Children To Marry

Although marriages are said to be made in heaven, our Indian parents come up with some 'very serious reasons' for their children to get married that are so funny that we just can not resist laughing out loud!

To prove the point, an online dating platform, quackquack.in recently undertook a serious project with extremely hilarious outcomes. They asked a few people why their parents wanted them to get married and what they revealed was just too funny! The website mocked at the logic that most parents use to compel their children to marry stating, “In India, marriages happen when rich meets rich, caste approves caste, kundali matches kundali. It’s time we chucked the ‘Indian Marriage Logic’ and tell everyone that we, today’s generation, are #happilysingle and can find our #partnersbychoice!" We bring you here a list of these utterly hilarious reasons that people said their parents used, to convince them to get married.

#1. A worry for society 

Seems like I've become a national issue, by not getting married!

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#2. Even your younger siblings are getting married

And now I am also my relatives' problem! My other younger cousin's parents have got him an Audi, now did I rub that in your face?

#3. The neighbour is getting sleepless nights

So, maybe you have an eligible daughter who you want me to marry! And if you do not, then please only worry about water problems, parking woes, or anything in the world, but me.

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#4. You have a problem

My orientations will be questioned, just because I'm not married at 21?

#5. A rich guy for you

Alright then, let's take a look at all multi-millionaire husbands who have been able to sustain their marriage, forget happiness.

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#6. When will you have kids?

And I believed I’m still a kid. If you as parents find it so tough to tolerate us, what’s the fun in planning children?

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#7. Why did we get you that degree?

Sounds cool, just give me 3 years time to get a degree that teaches me how to devote myself to my husband and children.

#8. You will sleep around

Oh come on folks! I will keep chasing men if I don’t get married. Before I shame my parents, marry me.

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#9. So your grandparents could see your children

​Will somebody ask me about my wish? Grandpa himself must have seen a lot by now, tell him to wish to see me happy, not married.

#10. So we can get rid of our responsibility

​And doesn’t that sound like washing your hands off me? Come to the table and talk about it.

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#11. What use is all that education?

If I knew my education was a ticket to my marriage, you bet I would have preferred to stay illiterate.

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#12. We will lose face in society

Let's face it. What brings you lesser loss- a happily unmarried daughter or an unhappily married daughter? Make a choice, I’m game.

#13. You will get a cultured girl

I love all-night parties at the club with my buddies, a room full of beer bottles, freedom to drive down to khandala whenever I feel like it. I draw a handsome salary all to myself and still take pocket money from dad. Will this fair, good looking Brahmin girl approve of all this?

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#14. To get a groom for your sister

Let me handle this one. However, I first need to figure out why she is so keen to get married.

#15. So you gel well with friends

Did I ever tell you my friends smoke, drink, dope, gamble, sleep with girls, and what not? Do we still need to discuss this?

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#16. To look after you

I guess, they failed in making me self-reliant? So, I constantly need someone to take care of me!

#17. So that you dont cross the expiry date

I had no idea that marriage had an expiry date!

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#18. Since girls have nothing better to do

Sounds much like a bakra getting ready for slaughter!

#19. To fulfill our last wish

After you have done everything for me, can't you accept one last wish of mine?

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So, if you have been feeling the pressure of getting married lately, do know that these are just excuses that parents will use so that you relent. Ultimately, you have to decide whether you are really ready to get married or not!



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