18 Popular And Yummy Dishes That Indians Eat For Breakfast Are Actually Very Unhealthy


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18 Popular And Yummy Dishes That Indians Eat For Breakfast Are Actually Very Unhealthy

Well, we aren’t being biased, but when it comes to world cuisines, there is no other like Indian delicacies. Be it the amazing north Indian chicken tikka or the south Indian masala dosa, the Rajasthani dal bati or the Bengal special sandesh, all these flavours have an identity of their own and are finger-licking good.

But, along with being delicious, most of them are very high in calories too. Although we know that this list might be a big bummer for most, it’s still important to know all about what we are eating. So, here we have a list of 18 such popular Indian breakfasts that are extremely yummy but unhealthy.

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#1. Pav bhaji

One of the most popular street food as well as breakfast items, pav bhaji is a staple delicacy that is jam-packed with calories and fats. The pav is dipped in butter to give it that amazing crunch and lovely taste. And if this wasn’t enough, big blobs of butter are also put in the bhaji just before serving it. Thus, having a plain toast brown bread with bhaji (without butter, we mean) is a better option. Also Read: 11 Unheard Ways to Use Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair And Glowing Skin

#2. Bread butter

Made out of flour (maida) and drenched in butter that is only a bag of calories, this tasty but unhealthy and common breakfast is a silent weight increaser.  Instead, make yourself a healthy and vegetable-packed sandwich made out of brown whole-wheat bread. Also Read: 7 Different Types Of Breads Apart From The Usual White And Brown Bread That Are Healthy And Tasty

#3. Vada pav

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One of the most common breakfast items in Pune and Mumbai, this yummy food is rather unhealthy. A fried potato vada inside a maida bun gives you just taste and around 300 calories, but no benefit. Having some steamed and sautéed veggies with a salad dressing is much healthier. Also Read: 10 Simple And Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Help You Get Flat Belly

#4. Kachoris

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Deep-fried kachoris filled with potatoes or pulses are also a popular breakfast in the north. They are mostly enjoyed with a nice cup of tea or spicy aloo sabzi and chutney. But, the deep-frying only adds more calories, about 190 each. Having a plate of vegetable poha or chiwda (rice puffs) is a much healthier choice.

#5. Fried omelettes

An omelette made with whisked eggs that are partially fried in a pan with lots of refined oil, certainly isn’t a healthy thing to eat first thing in the morning. Having poached eggs, plain omelettes or scrambled eggs without oil or a hint of olive oil will do your health more justice. Also Read: 10 Benefits Of 'Makhane' Which Makes It A Healthy And Light Snack Option For All

#6. Poori chole/aloo

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Served with either aloo ki bhaji or with chole, pooris are one of the most popular breakfast items in the country. But again, having deep fried pooris with potatoes isn’t the best idea right in the morning. Once in a while (read month) is great, but certainly not every alternate day or even every week. Try eating aloo bhaji with chapatis as a healthier option. You Might Like: Try Eating What These Bollywood Celebrities Have In Their Breakfast For Daily Healthy Start

#7. Sabudana vada

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Even though sabudana is a very healthy thing to eat, frying it into vadas isn’t. Mostly used as the main food during fasts, it is better to have it in the form of baked vadas or sabudana khichdi with peanuts, veggies and coriander.

#8. Stuffed paranthas

Stuffed paranthas, fried in oil and topped with butter taste as delicious as they sound (and look), but when it comes to the health-o-meter, they are one of the unhealthiest things you can eat in the morning. Instead, eating the same stuffed parantha in the form of a baked or plain stuffed roti is a healthy breakfast that kick starts your day in the best and most energetic way possible.

#9. Medu vada

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A popular south Indian delicacy, medu vadas are fried dal vadas and because they are made out of dal, they are considered healthy. But in reality, the black gram lentil that it is made of, is difficult for the body to break down first thing in the morning and along with this, it is also deep-fried. Having moong daal baked vadas or idlis is a better alternative. Also Check Out: Foods To Eat And Avoid On Empty Stomach, Check Out If You're Eating Healthy In The Morning

#10. Cutlets

How could we leave these out? Even though cutlets consist of veggies, the majority of the filling consists of potato and again, they are fried. This not only makes them unhealthy but heavy on the stomach too. Using the oven or the nonstick pan to bake the cutlets, with very little oil, is a better idea.

#11. Maggi and other instant noodles

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Yes, we are more than happy to have our Maggi back, free of any chemicals, but noodles made of maida with preservatives and added colors; nothing about this combination sounds healthy to us. Even the atta and oats variants are unhealthy!

#12. Canned juices

However genuine they might claim to be, canned juices are just processed fruit juices devoid of any nutrients. They are just liquids that are prepared with harmful artificial food colours. Having freshly procured fruit juices or eating the fruit as it is with all its fiber is the way to go.

Here are some cool and refreshing recipes of some lip-smacking smoothies that you can easily make at home, with everyday ingredients you can find in your kitchen!

#13. French toast

Eggs, either boiled or scrambled, itself are very healthy to have as breakfast, but dipping bread in them and then deep-frying certainly is not. Instead, toast some brown bread, make the egg of your choice separately without oil, and enjoy it with fresh homemade juice. That will give you a healthy, wholesome and power-packed breakfast.

#14. Biscuits with tea/coffee

Wheat biscuits too have a lot of maida unless you bake them at home yourself, which is almost impossible. Tea and coffee, on the other hand have caffeine. Having a bowl of fruits or a glass of milk with some dry fruits is better. And if you still want the biscuit like crunch, opt for baked khakras instead!

#15. Continental/english breakfast

An English breakfast consists of bagels, waffles, baked-bean sausages, cinnamon rolls etc. All of this is good to eat once in a blue moon, but not every day. The rolls and waffles are made out of processed flour again, the sausages are full of cholesterol and the baked-beans are canned foods that are processed and contain added colors and flavours; not a healthy combination at all. Don't Miss: 15 Fruits, Vegetables, Spices And Other Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy For A Healthy Journey

#16. Chole bhature

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Punjab ki shaan and amazingly tasty, but extremely unhealthy when eaten regularly. Fried bhaturas, a combination of processed flour and a lot of oil along with chole that cause gas, right in the morning will make you feel heavy and bloated the entire day. You may also feel sleepy and lethargic. Do you want to doze off in the middle of that important office meeting? No, right?

#17. Halwa poori

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You definitely cannot avoid this sumptuous combination on during navratras, but other than those days, better avoid this duo. Halwa that has a lot of sugar and ghee combined with deep-fried pooris is a disastrous combination for your health.

#18. Cereals

A combination of fructose syrup, salts, sugar, preservatives, added colours and everything else that is unhealthy; that is a pack of cereals for you. And not to forget, completely devoid of its natural properties, the corn in the flakes is useless. Having a bowls of oats cooked with veggies gives a healthier start to your day.

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Other foods such as jalebis, samosas etc., that are also eaten as evening snacks, are also very unhealthy choices for the first meal of the day and so should be avoided. Healthy, natural, baked or steamed ingredients should be your best friends for breakfast.