11 Unheard Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair And Glowing Skin


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11 Unheard Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Healthy Hair And Glowing Skin

Coconut oil has too many uses to count in your kitchen. But did you know that this wonder oil can be swapped with a number of your beauty products too?

Yes, you heard it right. Apart from its ample of uses in the kitchen, coconut oil can also be used as one of your beauty products. Let’s just quickly have a look as to how this natural oil packs beauty benefits in its bottle.

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#1. Under-eye cream

Under Eye Cream

Lending the right amount of nourishment, coconut oil can help your eyes look their best. It is not only a cure for under--eye bags and fine lines beneath the eyes, but also relaxes tired eyes. Rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots as well. Just pat the oil underneath your eyes and say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles.

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#2. Body moisturiser

Body moisturiser

When it comes to moisturising your skin, beauty lotions from the shops hardly stand a chance against the results of coconut oil. And what's more? It is inexpensive too. The essentials and antioxidants present in the oil hydrate the body and delay skin ageing. Rub some coconut oil smoothly over your body to get rid of that tight and itchy skin.

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#3. Body scrub

Body Scrub

Now you need not wonder what to do for that polished, radiant and glowing skin. Consisting lauric acid, coconut oil easily removes dirt, bacteria and dead cells from your skin, and hence acts as a great exfoliator. Just mix it with some sugar to form an exfoliating mask, and apply this natural scrub on your face or your entire body.

#4. Base coat for makeup

Coconut oil base

Here is again why coconut oil can find space in your vanity box. This versatile product can act as a base for your makeup as it reduces the appearance of fine lines, giving you a polished skin. Just dab some oil onto your face, let it absorb completely. Your face will not only shine, but the makeup will stay longer too.

#5. Makeup remover

Coconut oil used to remove make up

Now, the same oil can be used as a remover and will surely be your favourite too. Yes, ladies, coconut oil glides smoothly on your skin to remove the makeup without leaving your skin dry or irritated. A small amount of coconut oil applied on to your face would remove all that makeup in a jiffy.

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#6. Shaving cream

As after shaving cream

Did you know that coconut oil can even replace your shaving creams? Thanks to its creamy texture. When applied to the body, it makes super-easy for you to use the razor. The ultra-hydrating oil will give you the closest shave ever and also minimise the chances of having cuts and razor burns. It also soothes the affected areas such as cuts, itchiness etc. due to harsh creams.

#7. Lip balm

As A Lip Bam

Say no to the latest cosmetics to get those luscious lips. Just raid your kitchen shelf for some coconut oil and use it for that perfect pout. Consider dabbing the oil on your lips once or twice a day, depending on how chapped your lips get. Using coconut oil on lips will make your them smooth and shiny.

#8. Cuticles softener

Soften the cuticles

We know you take all that pain to keep your cuticles clean as it protects your nails from harmful bacteria. So, here is this surprising household item to keep your cuticles healthy and lubricated. Swipe coconut oil onto each of your nails and wait for the oil to sink in. It will hydrate the delicate cuticles and also strengthen the nails, giving your hands a beautiful look.

#9. To nourish and repair hair

Coconut oil nourishes hair

Coconut oil can be your best friend to deal with bad hair days. It’s a tried and tested treatment for that soft and shiny hair as it enriches the hair from its roots. From reducing frizzes, repairing split ends, providing strength and shine, coconut oil repairs the hair in every possible way. It is also used to treat dandruff.

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#10. To stimulate hair growth

Coconut oil stimulates hair growth

We all know that elements in coconut oil prevent hair fall, and are the key to bouncy lustrous locks. It helps in binding the hair proteins whilst shampooing. Not just that, you can use it as a hair mask as well. Rub a small amount in your palms and apply it gently to the wet strands of your hair. Leave for five minutes. It will enhance the shine and thickness of your hair like never before.

#11. For foot spa

Foot Spa

Apart from face and body, coconut oil can be magical on your foot too. A relaxing foot massage done with the oil can be one of the best stress busters. Massage some coconut oil onto your feet and put on the socks. After a few hours, take off the socks. It will not only smell heavenly, but your rough and dry foot will be soft as well. 

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Apart from using coconut oil for cooking, these were some of the ways you can use it as your most vital beauty ingredient. Use coconut oil this way, have patience and you will definitely witness results.