13 Justifiable Reasons That It Is Never Too Late To Call Off Your Wedding


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13 Justifiable Reasons That It Is Never Too Late To Call Off Your Wedding

Your wedding is just around the corner. All arrangements are done and all invitations have already been sent out, but you still feel something is not okay? Well, pre-wedding jitters are common, but they eventually fade away. However, if instead of going away, your worry keeps getting stronger, then it might be a signal for you to consider ‘calling it quits'! Even if it is the last moment, you can call off your wedding because it is about your life, and it is better to be late than sorry!

Well, if you are just too confused to take a decision, then here are the reasons that will help you to take the final call. 

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#1. Your partner takes along your future mom-in-law to most of your dates

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Your efforts to spend romantic moments with your partner get completely ruined as your future mom-in-law sits in the middle. Oh poor you!

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#2. Your partner is not interested in the idea of having kids some day

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Well, there would hardly be anyone who would want to grow old without the chatter of grandchildren all around them! If you too do not want to have kids then, this will not be an issue though.

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#3. He does not want you to work after marriage

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This one is specially for the brides-to-be. Just because you are a woman, he expects your only job is to look after the house and give birth to babies. Period!

#4. Your partner’s ideas on what to do in the bedroom are rather scary

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His/her thoughts about romance scare the hell out of you. They would rather be better off directing and acting in cheap C-grade films.

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#5. Your partner hired a private detective to follow you around

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The wedding is just around the corner, and you find out your partner has hired a detective to find out everything about you! If they do not trust you enough, why torture yourself to stay with them your entire life.

#6. You doubt your partner could file a harassment case against you if you ever fought with them

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If you want to live a life of absolute misery then, go ahead and get married to this person!

#7. Your in-laws are demanding dowry

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This one is especially for the girls out there! If your in-laws have been directly or indirectly asking your parents to give them expensive ‘gifts’ for your wedding, then know that there are high chances that these people will torture you later on as well. If this is something that is bothering you a lot, then call it off even if it is just before taking the pheras.

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#8. Your in-laws assume you are a laboratory rat meant for religious experiments

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And, they want you to marry a tree, a dog, a donkey, or any other crazy thing or creature before getting their son married to you.

#9. You get to know that your partner lied about all their academic qualifications

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If they are ‘dasvi fail’ and claim to be a Harvard graduate, then know where the exits are, my friend.

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#10. You cannot have members of the opposite sex in your phone or friend list post-marriage

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Because if you do, you might sleep with each one of them. Hawww!

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#11. You doubt that your partner has a transferable disease that they could pass on to you

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Ewwww! Do we need to say anything more? Seriously, just run!

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#12. You are an irresponsible wreck

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You cannot keep your gold fish alive for even a day, how do you plan on being responsible for another human?

#13. You do not love your partner

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And, in the end, love is what matters the most in a marriage. If you feel like you do not love your partner anymore, or that you cannot love them in the future (in case of an arranged marriage), then there is no point in marrying this person.

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If these reasons are good enough to convince you to call off the wedding, then go buy a pair of branded running shoes right away and do not forget to thank us once you do!

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