From Annoying You To Being Your Bestie, Here're 12 Types Of Cousins Found In Every Indian Wedding


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From Annoying You To Being Your Bestie, Here're 12 Types Of Cousins Found In Every Indian Wedding

Love them or hate them, but your wedding celebrations will always be incomplete without your cousins. They are the ones, who create a fun and lively atmosphere in all of your wedding functions. Even for them, a cousin’s marriage is the time to have lots of fun with everyone in the family. That is why, no matter how near, far, or busy they are, every cousin makes it a point to attend a family wedding without fail. After all, it is celebration time and they would not miss this opportunity for any reason.

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So, let us take a look at some types of cousins you will find at almost every Indian wedding.

#1. The over-excited cousin

Just the news about your marriage will get this cousin of yours highly excited. And once they arrive, they will always accompany you on your shopping trips; will help you in dress selection, or any other task related to your wedding. And, this super-happy cousin of yours would also be too excited to prepare a rocking dance performance and will teach the same to entire family, so as to beat the opponents from your partner’s family.

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#2. The show-off cousin

These types of cousins will not miss any chance in telling the price of their dresses, shoes, accessories or any other thing. And, at last, they will say, “Yaar, teri shaadi mein mera bank account khali ho gaya!”

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#3. The doting cousin

This cousin thinks the world of you. They will pamper you to the extremes, get you all the things you like, will shower you with lots of gifts, and will hardly say no to any of your requests. “Tujhe kya chahiye, bas mujhe bata” and “Agar kabhi bhi koi bhi problem ho, mujhe batana, I am always there for you,” will be a few sentences, which you will get to hear from them quite often.

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#4. The responsible cousin

You say it once, and they will do it. Give them any work at any time, and they will get it done on schedule. They will always be on their toes to help in every way possible. Not only you, but your entire family will be looking up to them for all the tasks, especially for the difficult ones.

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#5. The experienced cousin

Since they have been married for quite some time and know the secret to a happy married life, your experienced cousins will pass on their knowledge to you whenever possible. How to treat your in-laws, what to gift to your partner, what to cook on the first day, how to carry yourself, and so on, will be some of the advices that they will surely share with you.

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#6. The fun cousin

The only thing they know is how to have fun. They tease you, make you laugh, keep everyone entertained, and make the entire atmosphere absolutely fun. Because of their wittiness, they will be representing your entire family whenever it would be time for any fun-filled fights or teasing sessions with your partner’s family.

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#7. The careless cousin

Well, this cousin will keep misplacing something or the other. Be it their watch, shoes or a piece of jewellery, they will hardly be able to remember where they kept it last. And, you know what happens next. The entire family would be searching for the lost thing.

#8. The long-lost cousin

After childhood, you meet this cousin for the first time at your wedding. As you keep hearing about them from your family members, seeing them after a long time makes you even happier. The feeling gets even more overwhelming as you two talk about things that you both did together during childhood.

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#9. The complaining cousin

This cousin has the habit of complaining about everything and anything in their life. Then, how can you not expect them to do the same at your wedding? Be it the food, venue, dress, or anything else, they will have a problem with almost everything. They will throw tantrums whenever possible.

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#10. The lazy cousin

For them, your marriage is just another vacation trip to unwind from their hectic life. All they would be interested in doing during your entire wedding is to eat, sleep and relax. They will hardly be interested in lending a helping hand in the wedding preparations. And, if by mistake they are given some work, you cannot really be assured if at all it will be accomplished before your wedding.

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#11. The selfie-obsessed cousin

This cousin will love taking a selfie at every occasion. They would have at least one selfie with almost every member of the house. And, they will be the one to get most out of your wedding décor as no beautiful backdrop will be left by them for a perfect selfie.

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#12. The perfectionist cousin

Right from their dress, makeup and hairstyle, everything will be perfect and trendy. And, almost everyone will compliment them for their looks and style. Well, you might even get jealous of them sometimes!

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It is, undoubtedly, so much fun to have cousins in life. And, having all of them around you at your wedding is truly a great feeling. So, what all types of cousins did you have in your wedding, do not forget to tell us in the comments section below.

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