12 Things Every Woman Must Do Right After She Gets Engaged


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12 Things Every Woman Must Do Right After She Gets Engaged

If you have just lived through one of the happiest days of your life, that is your engagement, we can well imagine your eagerness for the wedding day to arrive soon and to be with the one you love forever. It may seem to you that if the engagement went off smoothly, then planning for wedding is going to be a piece of cake. We mean, how bad planning for the wedding could actually go?

Well, if you do not have an action plan and are also lazy about making some prior time tables, it could be nothing less than a ride to hell and back. Why not pre-plan things to make the wedding as well as its planning a smooth one? Thus, we bring you just the things you need to know and be sure of once you are engaged. So, without further ado, here goes.

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#1. Get a manicure

things to do once you are engaged manicure

First thing that anyone will want to see once you tell them your great news is your engagement ring. So, it is best advised to get a manicure done by a professional and happily flash that glittering piece of rock on your freshly manicured hands.

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 #2. Make a to-do list

things to do once you are engaged to do list

Before you do anything else, make a to-do list on a full-size chart paper and stick it up some place you visit the most during the day. As and when you keep remembering chores that need to be done or booked for the wedding, keep writing them down, and strike them off once they are done. This will give you a happy feeling of accomplishment and also motivate you to finish everything else on time.

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#3. Invite people well in time

things to do once you are engaged invite

You may think you will remember to invite everyone once you make the list just a few days before the wedding, but you will definitely miss out on many names if you do so. Thus, start making the invite list months before the wedding, and keep on adding names as they come to your mind. Also, invites that need to be posted might take some time as well. You definitely do not want the invitations to reach your guests just a day or two before your wedding now, do you?

#4. Plan your budget

things to do once you are engaged budget

Once you are through with the engagement party, plan on what kind of a wedding you have in mind. According to that, start saving up money and chalk out a budget for the same. This might help you to avoid taking any kind of mortgages or loans.

#5. Be on the exact same page as your fiancé

things to do once you are engaged fiance

Know what your fiancé wants, his/her opinions, choices, etc. After all, it is just not you who is getting married! This wedding is the most important day in both of yours lives. Be on the same page and avoid hurting each other’s feelings, even if that may mean for you to compromise somewhere for your partner’s happiness. It is these small compromises that you make for each other with a happy heart and a smiling face that makes your marriage a long-lasting and happy one.

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#6. Know your proposal story

12 things every woman must do engaged proposal story

The one question that everyone will ask you during the wedding functions is how you two met, who proposed and how. So, why not turn it into a beautiful story, add one or two filmy-style love angles, and give your listeners a treat for a story? But be sure that you two narrate the same story!

#7. Sign up for bridal magazine and online portals

things to do once you are engaged wedding magazines portals

The next very important thing to do is to subscribe to online wedding planning portals, like ours and also buy the latest issues of wedding planning and bridal magazines. This will not only give you the advice you need, but will also familiarise you with all the latest and ongoing wedding-related trends.

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#8. Take good care of yourself and just try to relax

things to do once you are engaged body spa

Wedding planning with your daily hectic routine can leave you looking washed out and drained off of every last bit of energy. So, unless you want to look dull, aged, and malnourished on your wedding, try to de-stress, relax and pamper your body and skin with some good spa treatments. Also, start eating right and working out, to get the perfect figure that will rock your wedding outfit and add sizzle to your honeymoon wardrobe.

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#9. Keep cool even if things do not turn out according to the plan

things to do once you are engaged be patient

You cannot control everything, now can you? So, be prepared for the worst of things to happen. There are things you just cannot avoid like weather changes, bad health, and last minute planning disasters. Keep your cool at such times and just think of tying the knot to the love of your life.

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#10. Be grateful and receptive towards your parents

12 things every woman must do after she gets engaged

You might not realise it but your parents work day and night just to give you a life that you deserve, in fact,sometimes even better. So, be grateful for whatever they are doing for you. Be receptive, take their opinion, involve them in the planning, and take care of them too. After all, whatever you are today is all thanks to them.

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#11. Be patient

things to do once you are engaged cool and calm

Anger only worsens the situation, and gets you absolutely nowhere. Be it fights with your fiancé, or arguments with your parents, or trouble with your future in-laws, or skin related problems or anything else, just be patient and calm. A calm mind will help you figure out solutions for all problems.

#12. Set your priorities straight and perspective right

12 things woman must do after she gets engaged priorities

And lastly, know what you want and go for just that. Do not get influenced by anyone unnecessarily. Remember, this is your wedding and it should happen the way you and your fiancé want it, but of course with your parent’s consent that is.

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Weddings are beautiful affairs on the outside, but the amount of planning and running around that goes behind making it a beautiful affair is no joke. These tips however, will surely help you to plan well in advance while taking good care of yourself at the same time. So, if you are getting ready to tie the knot soon, then make sure you follow our steps!

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