12 Dating Rules By The Modern Ambitious Women For All The Men


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12 Dating Rules By The Modern Ambitious Women For All The Men

There is something about an independent, well-groomed, highly qualified and well earning woman that men find intimidating. While deep down, we know what it is, we still wish there would come a time when men would stop bringing in their egos between them and their rather independent partner’s life and begin to truly treat them as equals without any bias. And as far as the women are concerned, they really don’t need a man’s support to fend for them and are quite capable of giving themselves and their families a lavish life.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t wish to be with a guy, but just that they now are strong enough mentally, financially and emotionally and want a guy who is actually proud of their achievements rather than being intimidated by them. So, here are some new dating rules that every successful and independent woman now swears by.

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#1. I want my fairytale too

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Just because I am busy with my work more often than sometimes doesn’t mean I don’t wish for you to surprise me, take me out on special dates and pamper me a lot. I may be preoccupied, but I want my fairytale too!

#2. We both are equals

In every single sphere of life, I want you to never look down upon me or think that I am incapable of reaching to your standards because quite frankly, in many areas, I might be much above you for all that it matter!

#3. This relationship is not my life

It is a very important part of my life for sure, but I have a life beyond you too and I would love for you to respect that. You mean a lot to me but so do my friends, my family and my work!

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#4. I won’t wait hand and foot on you

I love to cook for you, spoil you, give you massage and do little things for you to bring a smile on your face, but I will wait for you to clean up after you. You too are a grown up adult and are capable of doing that yourself.

#5. I want us both to respect each other’s passions in life

If you are not passionate, your life will be dull. Passion is what drives you and me. So, I would want both of us to let our passions fuel us and never shall we be a hindrance in each other’s choices.

#6. I don’t have time for childish dating games

Because now, we are past that age and we did do all of that when we were young. There are more important goals in life that are to be achieved. Now is the time for true companionship and not silly dating games.

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#7. Being ambitious doesn’t make me emotionless or cold blooded

Yes, I have dreams, goals and targets to achieve, but that does not mean I have no feelings. My work and my personal life are two different zones for me. I am a different person at work and a different one for you. So, don’t judge me!

#8. When we have to take care of our priorities, here are no shortcuts

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You and I, both have a few joint and a lot many individual priorities. I will never stop you from attending to your priorities come what may and would seriously accept the same from you!

#9. I will not try to change you and would expect the same out of you

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It would be my pleasure to change the habits that irritate you and that are good for me to get rid off but that’s about it. You and I can and should be who we really are. Only then will we be true to ourselves and to this relationship!

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#10. I really mean what I say

If you don’t give me my space, interfere in my life, put a lot of restrictions, fight unnecessarily and I tell you that if you continue to do this, I shall leave you, I will! So, never underestimate my potential.

#11. I am mature enough to decide my own company

Unless they are misbehaving with you, I will never leave my friends for you if you make me choose out of the two. Also, like you choose your own friends, I too have the right to choose my own without taking your approval unless of course your reasons are justified.

#12. In some matters you do and in some, you don’t get to have a say

Because there are matters you are not aware of or are totally none of your concern. For example, my personal family matters or my professional decisions. I will certainly take your advice and act on them if they make sense, but you cannot compel me to do as you say.

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Having said all that, this relationship is no concentration camp and I am no dictator. It is just that some rules if made clear from the beginning act as foundations of a healthy and mature relationship forever.

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