12 Brutal Truths About Being Married From Married Couples Themselves


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12 Brutal Truths About Being Married From Married Couples Themselves

They say marriage changes you. Well for some, it is for the good while for others it can mean the ending of an era; their bachelorhood. But in all, it is a beautiful and life changing experience. Being responsible for someone else other than your own self, loving that person to the moon and back and just being there somehow makes you a different person; a better one!

But the journey however is not as hunky dory as it seems to be in movies and fairytales. A happily ever after takes a little more than a few bumps to achieve, and so we get for you such brutal truths that only a person who is already married can tell you.

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#1. Your bachelorhood is over

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No more ‘party all night’, leaving the house and coming back when you please and living a carefree lifestyle. Welcome to the real world my friend!

#2. What’s yours is your partner’s too

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Now that you are married, say goodbye to personal possessions. Your house, your car, your clothes, your accessories and in short; ‘Your Everything’ is now your partner’s as well!

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#3. You have more responsibilities

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You now not only have to fend for yourself but for your family too. Not only do you have to get a good job that pays well, but you also need to divide household chores, paying the bills, getting insurance plans, getting the groceries etc. between the two of you.

#4. You are always answerable to your spouse

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You can now not be the master of your own life anymore. Your actions now have to be planned, reasonable and proper as you are always answerable to your spouse. When you leave office, why you came late, where you are going etc.; all needs to be out in the open!

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#5. No more late nights alone

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Who said no more late nights? The only difference is that you always have your partner’s company whether you like it or not! Cool or uncool, you be the judge of that!

#6. Your decisions need to be mutual

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You cannot go ahead and book a movie and dinner date without discussing it with your spouse, let alone buying an iPod. Since your finances are common, so are your decisions!

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#7. You need to commit

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As much as you may dread it, marriage means commitment and once you sign up for it, there is no looking back!

#8. Your personal space is invaded

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You no longer enjoy your personal space without having to ask for it, which usually ends in a huge fight as your partner’s answer always is- ‘why do you need space from me, am I so irritating?’

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#9. Family functions are your new outings

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Say goodbye to monthly vacations and weekly night outs to the hottest restro-bars and pubs. Your new fun-filled and exciting outings are family functions. Yayyy!!

#10. You have to change yourself

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In order to start your life with a new person, you need to make a lot of changes in your attitude and lifestyle for the other person to cope up with you. You need to make adjustments and compromises as well. Is that too much to ask for? Pun certainly intended!

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#11. No more sluggish mornings

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Say goodbye to late mornings and learn to wake up with the birds at the first stroke of sunlight. Now that you are married, you have more responsibilities. Remember?

#12. You need to take turns to keep the kids

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And once you have kids, be ready to say goodbye to peaceful nights, clean house and free time. You have to constantly be on call for the kids and take turns with them to give your partner and yourself little breathing breaks.

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As scary as these points may sound, there are positives about being married that cover up for all these. It’s a beautiful phase of life that must be made more beautiful and worthwhile with a little effort and a lot of love.



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