11 Ways Your Friends Change After Getting Married But Never Admit


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11 Ways Your Friends Change After Getting Married But Never Admit

The feeling that one gets on a best friend’s wedding can be an ideal example of what we call a bagful of ‘mixed emotions’. At one moment, we find ourselves excitedly singing, Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai. But, at the very next moment, we feel a little low thinking that our best friend will have a new best friend now.

Well, we are pretty sure you all might have experienced this or will go through this situation at some point of your life. But today, we just bring to you a light take on the ways in which your friends change after their marriage, even if they do not admit!

#1. They do not have time to pick up your call.

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Did you ever need to ask them if it was the right time to talk? Well, now you will have to!

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#2. They become less appreciative of your humour and are stuck in their own world.

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And, you just wonder what is wrong with them!

#3. They become a ‘wave from distance’ friend from being a ‘hand in hand’ friend.

Well, we know you never even imagined walking on opposite paths. But, face it! That is the truth now.

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#4. Entire world knows before you about what is going on in their life, through social media.

And, you had no idea your friend is off to Goa for the weekend because your interenet connection was down from last two days!

#5. They have long stories to tell about their new life when you meet.

Which you are not a part of!

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#6. And, soon they become the odd-one-out.

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They have nothing common to share, they have no clue about what is happening in the group, and they do not even seem interested at all.

#7. They become an excuse factory to avoid every opportunity to hang out with you.

Be it a movie plan, a long drive, a sleepover, pizza party, whatsoever!

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#8. Gradually, they become motherly.

This especially for all your female besties. Things, like ‘it is high time you too should get married’, 'there should be someone to take care of you', etc., had never been their concern before. But, now it is!

#9. They sharpen their culinary skills.

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Another one for those who have female best friends. The girl who could not even cook Maggi is now baking cakes and trying her hand on everything that seemed so impossible before.

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#10. They become more family-oriented.

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Someone, who hardly liked being at home is always looking for an opportunity to spend as much time as possible with family now.

#11. They are wiser, calmer, more patient and full of advice.

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In a short span of time, they seem to have seen and learnt a lot. Whatever problems you face, they surely are the best troubleshooters and there is a lot they can train you on.

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They might not ever admit, but these small changes in them leave you wondering, “Is he/she the same person?” Every time you demand an explanation, the answer is simple, “You will understand my position better once you get married!” So, wait till then to actually understand what they mean!

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