11 Awesome Reasons Why I Feel So Lucky To Have My Husband In My Life


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11 Awesome Reasons Why I Feel So Lucky To Have My Husband In My Life

If you asked me what was the best thing that ever happened to me, without a doubt my answer would be- my husband. Even the thought of imagining my life without him gives me the creeps. Before I met him, my life was good, but now it is complete. Agreed, I was a more independent before he entered my life. But, the feeling that he is always there for me, and being dependent on him for most of my needs does not really make me miss that independence. With him, I feel more secure, more content, and most importantly, really happy about everything in my life. Having said that, I get you the top 10 reasons why I totally need my husband.

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#1. He lets me be 'me'

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Sometimes, we all try to be someone that we are actually not, just to please everyone around us. And, that experience is not really a pleasant one. But when I am with him, I can be just the person I am. I eat what I like, I wear what I want, I talk nonsense and nonstop, and what not! In short, with him, I totally enjoy being who I really am.

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#2. He is my stress buster

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Life changes after marriage. You become responsible for and answerable to a lot more people. Your responsibilities also increase and so does your stress level. But amid all this, he acts as my stress buster. I can take out all my frustration on him without him being mad at me. He listens to what I have to say and understands me too! Talking and venting out all my suppressed emotions to him makes me feel lighter and free.

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#3. He is the brains in our relationship

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Whenever I am stuck with a question in my mind related to anything, I always turn to him for an answer. It could be a piece of advice on my work, regarding a tiff with a friend or relative, or anything else in this world. And, knowing that he has the answer to all my questions just makes me a very happy wife.

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#4. I cannot take a final call without him

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Marriage also makes you responsible for taking decisions on big things in life, like the ones related to your finances, children, and much more. And, I really need his final opinion on every big thing like this. It is not that I cannot take a decision, but deep down I feel more comfortable by knowing what he thinks, as I know he understands me and my needs completely. So, he always shares the load of decision-making with me and tells what is best for us. 

#5. He makes me a better person

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When I see how good he is to me and with everyone around him, it compels me to be a better person too. He somehow manages to bring out the best in me, and constantly keep on inspiring me to be a better person.

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#6. His small gestures give me big pleasure

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Life is best enjoyed in the little things that he keeps on doing every now and then. Cooking a meal for both of us when I have had a rough day, saying a few loving and comforting words to me after an argument, never judging me, putting me first while making his decisions, arranging for a surprise date, etc., are all the perks of being married. Well, he may not do them every day, but whenever he does so, it is enough to make me feel special.

#7. My day gets brighter by just his smile

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Seeing his smiling face in the morning, sharing a cup of morning tea with him, a goodbye kiss while leaving for work, waiting for him to be back at night, and many more things like these, are just the little things that make my day brighter and my world a beautiful one.

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#8. His admiration and encouragement makes me the person I am

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I am a confident woman. My life, my decisions and all my actions till date are the things I am proud of. But now, for me, it is his support and encouragement, be it in my career or in my duties towards my family, which make me go that extra mile. Without his moral and emotional encouragement and support, I sometimes find myself to be in a place where my confidence is a little shaken.

#9. When I look at him, I see a happy future

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Getting married does not only mean to stay in a home together, have kids, raise them and spend the entire life following a routine. It also means to have a companion to be with you in your old age, and cherishing this beautiful life with him even when we will grow old. And, looking at my husband, I get the assurance that a very beautiful future awaits me.

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#10. He is just the dad I always imagined my husband would be

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When I see my husband, I want my son to be just like his dad. His sorted attitude towards life, a considerate heart, and the respect that he has towards people, are some of the qualities I want my son to grow up with as well. And, seeing that my son has such a great role model to follow makes me a happy and a tension-free mom!

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#11. I love the fact that I belong to him

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Of course, I love my identity. I feel so special being a homemaker, a mother, and a working professional. But, out of them all, the one that makes me the happiest is being his wife. The fact that I belong to him, makes life more meaningful and worthwhile and brings a smile to my face every time I think of it.

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Every woman has a different outlook towards her life, her marriage and her husband. Some might relate to me while others might not. But, for me, he is my best friend and a confidant for life.

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