10 Wedding Invitation Card Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid


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10 Wedding Invitation Card Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid

Wedding invitation cards are a reflection of the soon-to-be-married couple’s true happiness. Their families sit together and put in long hours before zeroing in on that one perfect design, which would speak of their emotions. The final customised invitation card is then adorned with beautiful words of love, requesting their guests to bless the couple with their presence.

Although a lot of discussion and time goes into selecting a card, somehow couples inevitably end up making trivial errors while customising their wedding invitation cards. Here are some wedding invitation card mistakes that every couple should ABSOLUTELY avoid.

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#1. Cross-check details beforehand

A lot of times, couples forget to cross-check the address, timings, etc of the venue hall before printing it on the card. Avoid doing that. Make sure you give a buffer time of 30 minutes to your guests, so that they arrive and leave on time.

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#2. Proofread your wedding card properly

You would not want your guests to sit and point out grammatical errors in the wedding card. This makes you look bad. So, pick out the grammar Nazi in your family and put them to work.

#3. Always get a set of extra wedding cards printed

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This is not considered a mistake, until you find out there is very less time left and a few guests are yet to receive their invites. Make sure to get some extra wedding cards printed in the first lot itself.

#4. Avoid use of too many colours

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Design your card with patience. If you have problem with the sense of colour combinations, better leave this to your soon-to-be spouse.

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#5. Keep the wedding card boxes simple

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A lot of your guests live in different towns and cities. Designing an elaborate or delicate wedding card box would not be a bright idea. It may not reach the guests in the presentable manner that you had planned.

#6. Consider the weather before putting in some treats

Lacing your wedding cards with chocolates or easy to melt sweets in summers to be sent to guests far away living in different cities, will just end up messing up your invite. Melted chocolaty cards are not what guests would want to receive in their mail box.

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#7. Pre-order address tags

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Writing down long addresses is one of the most annoying tasks, especially when you have so many other errands to run. Also, you might make error while jotting down so many addresses. You can avoid this by pre-ordering printed addresses.

#8. Do not misspell the your guests' names

We are sure you must have received cards with your names spelt wrongly, and you know how extremely annoying that is. Please do not do that to your guests. Spell their names right and keep them happy.

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#9. Avoid incorporating every aspect of the wedding into the card

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We know it is your ‘big day’ and you want to share all the details with everyone, but putting all of it in a single leaf of your wedding card is not very wise. You will end up crowding the card and making it look shabby.

#10. Print invitation cards at least three months prior to your wedding

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Wedding cards need to be printed well in advance. This way you will be able to correct trivial mistakes, and all your guests will receive their invitations on time.

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These mistakes may seem small, but when you see it repeated numerous times your heart is surely going to ache. So, keep these 10 points in mind to make a great wedding impression on all your guests.

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