Arbaaz Khan Admits Collaborating With His Brother Salman Khan With Work That Helps His Own Career

Arbaaz Khan reveals approaching his superstar brother, Salman Khan with projects that would help his own career in showbiz.


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Arbaaz Khan Admits Collaborating With His Brother Salman Khan With Work That Helps His Own Career

The three Khan brothers, Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan are known to be sharing an indispensable equation with one another. The trio who have been a part of films, has never let issues of rivalry and petty competitions hamper their affection for one another. Moreover, while they may not be quite vocal about their bonding, at the end of the day, the three of them are one another’s biggest supporters.

Arbaaz Khan reveals he has approached his brother, Salman Khan with work that benefits his own career

In an interaction with Bollywood Bubble, Arbaaz Khan opened up about discussing and sharing work with his brother and superstar, Salman Khan. Arbaaz shared that there are times when he approaches Salman with work opportunities and projects, he tries to choose those which also has some scope for his own career. Adding how he wants to make meaningful contributions to such projects with his brother, Arbaaz said:

“Whenever I have gone to Salman for work, I have gone with something where I have been able to contribute to his career as well. It’s not only about trying to make my career.”

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Arbaaz Khan talks about maintaining boundaries in his personal life with brother, Salman

In the following segment of the interaction, Arbaaz talked about nurturing a sense of boundary, especially in the context of personal life, when it comes to his own family members. Speaking about his brother, Salman, Arbaaz revealed that the two of them have their own spaces when it comes to personal lives. Despite living together, the two of them don’t really know every little detail about the other’s personal life. Arbaaz expressed:

“I think most of us also lead very personal lives. We all live together but it’s not like Salman knows everything about me, or I know everything about Salman. And it is not necessary that we know everything about each other. Because even when it is your own brother, his personal life is personal. His professional decisions, financial decisions, should be his own.”


Arbaaz claims he doesn’t have any expectation from his brother, Salman Khan

In the concluding part of the interaction, Arbaaz Khan revealed that his equation with his brothers and in fact, all family members doesn’t lack any affection or sentiments. The actor-turned-filmmaker shared that while they are each other’s biggest supporters, but at the same time, they do not wish to impose themselves on the other’s life. He added:

“Of course, whenever any of us wants each other’s support, be it emotional, professional or financial, then we are there for each other. Whoever is in a position to do something for the other person, we do it because that’s what is family is there for, to be there for each other. But we don’t impose ourselves on each other. We don’t even have too many expectations that since he is my brother he has to do something for me.”

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When Arbaaz remarked he cannot take his brother, Salman Khan for granted as an actor

Previously, in an interaction on the show, Timeout With Ankit, Arbaaz Khan opened up about maintaining professionalism while working with his brother and superstar, Salman Khan. He remarked that the latter might be his brother at home, but on the set, Salman is a talented and successful actor. Thus, he cannot take treat him for granted.


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