10 Things You Must Keep In Mind While Taking Your Baby To A Wedding


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10 Things You Must Keep In Mind While Taking Your Baby To A Wedding

Babies, as we all know, are not so easy to handle. And travelling with a baby is one of the toughest jobs in the world. So, when it comes to attending a wedding with her baby, a mother generally becomes wary of packing her baby bag well, before going out for the function.

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Moreover, managing her little one throughout a wedding function can be a huge task for the mother as well. But many a times, when there is a wedding in the family, or a close friend is getting married, it becomes difficult for the new parents to miss the occasion. Therefore, the best way for both the mother and the child to survive through the wedding celebration is, to be well-prepared and well-equipped. Here are some simple and practical tips on how you can enjoy the wedding along with your baby.

#1. Carry at least three set of clothes 

Baby wedding

Babies have a tendency to get themselves dirty very soon, as they end up dropping food on themselves. Which is why, it is wise to keep at least two or three set of clothes in your baby bag. If the wedding venue is very far from your place, then keep a few more. 

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#2. Sterilised milk bottles or top feed

Baby wedding

Babies generally, need to eat in every two to three hours. And once their hunger pangs strike, they might start crying or behave fussily in public. Thus, to avoid such a situation where your baby is hungry and crying, carry some top feed in sterilised bottles along with you. Also, carry water for your child in a baby sipper, and keep giving it to them from time to time. 

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#3. Carry extra diapers

Since babies usually consume liquid or semi-solid foods, they tend to urinate more frequently. Hence changing diapers every three to four hours is mandatory, especially if you are stepping out, to avoid unwanted leakage. So, it is advisable to keep some extra diapers in your baby bag.

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#4. Pack toys and soothers

Babies need constant attention. But in a gathering, there can be a number of other things that might distract you, like attending to family and friends, eating, etc. Thus, in order to keep your baby entertained meanwhile, carry his/her favourite toys and soothers with you.

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#5. Easy to eat foods

With infants, food will not be an issue, as they are only bottle-fed or breastfed. But, for toddlers, watery foods can be a hassle while you are out. Instead, carry finger foods, like berries, crackers, dry fruits, oats, etc., which the baby can eat without making too much of a mess.

#6. Carry baby pram 

Babies love to be carried around. They hate sitting at one place for a long time. But carrying a baby for prolonged hours can be tiring for the mother. So, to keep the baby engaged and happy, you can carry their pram with you. And in the meanwhile, you can get some rest for your arms too. Also, since babies have a tendency to fall asleep in every few hours, carrying a pram is certainly a great idea to let the baby sleep in peace.

#7. Carry a blanket

Since most weddings take place during winters and babies tend to catch cold quickly, so carrying a blanket will be a nice option to keep them warm.

#8. No to high heels

As much as women love to wear heels when they dress up for a wedding, high heels are a big ‘no’ when you travel with your child. You will obviously have to carry your baby around. Wearing heels can increase your chances of tripping, and can also cause feet and back pain while carrying the baby. Jootis or trendy platforms or kitten heels, can be the best alternatives to high heels.

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#9. Comfortable clothes

Yes, weddings are all about wearing a lot of bling and heavily embellished outfits. But, with a baby, going the simple and sober way is the best thing to do. Embellishments such as stonework or beads can poke the baby when you carry him/her in your arms. Also, wearing lighter and comfortable clothes makes it easy for you to manage the child at all times.

#10. Minimum accessories

Babies like to grab shiny and sparkling stuff. Dangling earrings, shiny necklaces, stone studded rings, etc., are very inviting for them. So, to avoid getting hurt yourself, wear simple and minimal jewellery.

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So, next time you plan to attend a wedding with your baby, keep these simple tips in mind before stepping out of your home. Also, once you master the art of packing your baby bag well, the idea of going to a wedding will no longer haunt you!