Ankita Bhargava Reveals How After Giving Birth To Her Daughter, Mehr She Realised Her True Powers

Motherhood is a superpower, which only women have! On the occasion of International Women's Day, Ankita Bhargava revealed how motherhood made her realise her true powers. Check it out!


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Ankita Bhargava Reveals How After Giving Birth To Her Daughter, Mehr She Realised Her True Powers

From a very young age, we have seen our moms, grandmoms and great grandmoms waking up before everyone, looking after the houses, cooking meals and in the midst of it, keeping a track of who's doing what. They never demanded a day off, in fact, they loved all their responsibilities. Being a woman, we are always taught to take care of others, and the moment we embrace motherhood, our entire world changes. Our baby becomes our priority and we realise that 'motherhood' is the superpower, which only women have! And television actress, Ankita Bhargava has gone through the same transition when she had embraced motherhood. (Recommend Read: Madhuri Dixit's Hubby, Shriram Nene Wishes Their Son Ryan On His B'Day, Takes A Dig At His Long Hair)

Ankita often shares cute gimmicks of her daughter, Mehr on her IG feed. We remember once Ankita had shared a cute picture of her daughter with her pooch. In the picture, we could see her fur baby putting his head on little Mehr's hand, but it was their baby girl's charm bracelet with a cute paw and little feet detailing that had made the whole picture a lot special. Along with it, Ankita had written, "My heart knew that this would happen one day."

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Ankita took to her Instagram handle and posted a picture with her baby girl, Mehr. The candid photo beautifully depicted the mother-daughter duo's loving bond as they were looking out of the window. Alongside it, Ankita penned a note, which revealed how she got to know about her superpowers after becoming a mother. Her note can be read as "I had always underestimated my worth! Maybe our upbringing teaches us to be humble in a way that we land up undermining ourselves in order to keep our feet on the ground! And THAT is what I WILL NOT TEACH MY DAUGHTER!" 

Ankita further wrote, "Humility cannot get mixed up with Self worth! It was only after I started My Motherhood journey did I realise THE POWER OF BEING A WOMAN. I realised how Mentally,Physically and Emotionally Strong I am! And that I am capable of Doing and achieving everything! Creating a brand @lovemessymunchkins and launching it just 6 months postpartum made me realise What a woman is capable of only If u give urself that confidence that U CAN DO IT  So to all the Women out there, Whether you are a mother or not. WOMEN’S DAY is just to remind ourselves THAT WE ARE WAY MORE STRONGER AND WORTHY OF EVERYTHING THAN WE THINK. If u have realised ur self-worth. Whatever the cause might be Education, Marriage, Motherhood, Work, Creativity etc etc. A very Happy Women’s Day to you." (Also Read: Shweta Tiwari's Then-12-Year-Old Daughter Palak Reacted Like This To Her Divorce With Raja Chaudhary)

Ankita Bhargava Baby

Ankita loves posting cute gimmicks of her daughter, Mehr, and on March 4, 2021, Ankita had shared a naughty picture of her daughter, Mehr. In the picture, we could see a little teeth mark on Ankita's hand which was made by Mehr. Alongside the picture, Ankita had written, "Love Bite #rabbdimehr #lovesmitten #bittenwithlove." 

In January 2021, Ankita and Karan had taken their daughter, Mehr on her first International vacation to the Maldives. On January 20, 2021, Ankita had taken to her Instagram handle and had shared a cutesy picture from her holiday. In the picture, we could see Karan and Ankita in the pool, while Mehr was happily enjoying in her baby float. Alongside it, Ankita had written, "She was totally the cutest thing on that Island! Nopes Correction! She is the cutest thing on this entire planet." (Don't Miss: Aamir Ali Shares A Soulful Video Of His Mother, Feeding Milk To His Daughter, Ayra On Women's Day)

Well, Ankita is definitely a supermom! What do you think?

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