10 Smart Ways To Get The Best Deals This Sale Season


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10 Smart Ways To Get The Best Deals This Sale Season

Winter is a popular season for weddings in India. Something else that winters come with is the huge discounts and sales that almost all brands offer. Sales come as a boon for the soon-to-be married, given the amount of shopping weddings involve. If you are planning to tie the knot anytime soon, there cannot be a better time for your trousseau shopping than the sale season! We have for you some smart tips to make the most of the sales and discounts, and save you big bucks and valuable time. Read on to know more:

1. Make a list

You often have your favourite stores or brands. Make sure to have a list of these ready before your shopping trip. Keep it a good combination of big designers and brands along with the local stores. Many small stores might have some good stuff at great deals. This way you can get the best of the big names and relatively smaller brands too.

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2. Know the sale period

Make sure you know when the sales start in the different shops. Keep a reminder on your phone or a diary. Plan out to cover the shops that are close to each other in one day. This will save you lots of time and energy.

3. Visit before the sale period

Make sure you visit the store before the sales start, to figure out what they offer and what is it that you might actually want to buy. Try and find out which items are going to be on sale. This may be difficult but not impossible. It is always useful to select the stuff you would want to buy, to save time looking for what you want in the crazy rush when the sales are actually on.

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4. Plan your shopping on weekdays

Try to go shopping on weekdays. Weekends, especially when the sales and discounts are on, are super crowded at the malls and markets. So, if you want to look through everything at your own pace and take your time to decide, weekdays, are the best to make the most of the deals. Even better if you can make it in the afternoons.

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5. Don't buy everything at once

The sales just get better as time passes, and the best deals are usually out in the last few days. You should definitely not leave everything for the last minute, but certainly space out your shopping trips throughout the sale period. For example, if a piece is really exclusive and at a great deal, buy it right away as it might get sold off immediately. Some things might not be as urgently required or are not that exclusive, these can be saved for later.

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6. Bargain bargain bargain!

Bargain for a good deal if your total bill amount is going high. Bargaining is definitely possible at local stores. They might be difficult to crack, but don’t feel awkward to be persistent. Many stores also have special discounts on a very high total bill. Make sure to inquire about such offers.

7. Don't be too greedy

Sales often tempt us to buy things we don’t need. Many shoppers, especially girls, buy clothes or footwear a size smaller or larger than comfortable just because the item has a huge discount tag! On the other hand, many also overspend when there are big discounts available. Avoid splurging on unnecessary things, especially those that are affordable even otherwise.

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8. Don't forget to check online

Nowadays, almost all brands update their sales and discount-related information on their social networking pages. Keep a tab on these. Also keep checking the websites of your favourite brands. Also, many times online shopping has better deals than those at the malls. So, make sure to research well before shopping.

9. Be very sure before you pay

Before the bill is prepared, be 100 per cent sure. Many top labels are copied and sold as genuine. Be very careful, especially at small local stores, during the discount period, as there might be fake or damaged items on sale. So, be extra cautious and check twice before you pay. Also, almost all stores have a no-exchange and no-return policy for the items on sale. Make sure you get this cleared with the store manager or a reliable source from the store before you make the final payment. .

10. Be comfortable

This is probably the most important part about going shopping- your comfort. There are a million things to look at, many things to try on, and trousseau shopping can take a really long time. Carry a bottle of water and some biscuits or energy bars in case you feel tired. Make sure you wear flats or some comfortable footwear for your shopping trips. However, do carry your heels in your bag in case you wish to check the length of an anarkali or a lehenga.

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The sale season can work out to be the best if you are smart about it. Almost all your trousseau shopping can be taken care of during this fun time! So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!



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