10 Reasons You Will Make A Good Wife If You Are A Cat Lover


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10 Reasons You Will Make A Good Wife If You Are A Cat Lover

If the girl you are going to get married counts the furry cats as her best friend; there are signs she will make for a superior wife. Her feline fascination imbibes in her some positive traits for which you just can’t wait to chase her. Let’s have a look.

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#1. Intelligent


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She is an intellectual woman, will talk sense and science. Idiotic text messages, senseless demands and dumb talks won’t ever come from her. And this is because she is with the animal with intense and profound thoughts.

#2. High tolerance level

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This trait she has carried from her pet will definitely appeal to you. That used towel on the bed, food leftovers and your cricket mania; all will be tolerated by her without any fuss. Yes, she can put up with a lot more. Courtesy: the cat.

#3. Straightforward

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No bitching, sulking and melodrama here. And your spouse-to-be won’t put you into any mind game either. That’s because she is straightforward and clear-cut like her furry friend.

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#4. Zero expectations

Kitties know how to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return. So, there are high chances of your sweetheart to never complain about certain stuffs. All said, cat people are fun and a great companion to be with.

#5. She knows the importance of hygiene

Unlike other animals who love dirt and filth, cats like being clean and unsoiled. So, you can expect all that cleanliness, health and hygiene traits from your feline baby.

#6. Expert in reading body language

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Cats read the gestures quickly and so can their owners. They have a kind of diploma in non-verbal communication and eye-contact. So, after that late-coming, you don’t need to weave stories for your partner. She will herself observe your body language and won’t ask for any explanations either.

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#7. She will give you space

Cats are content with an independent lifestyle and chilling all alone. So, you can take advantage of this to carve out some alone time for yourself too. By this we don’t mean that cat people are loners. It’s just that they need solitude to relax and recharge.

#8. Excellent sense of humour


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Play your tricks and pranks on her and we bet she won’t mind them. Yes, you can have a good time with her as she will get your jokes right. She has acquired her taste in humour from the pet. And who knows? She can play the jokes back at you.

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#9. Responsible and sensitive

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Cats experience similar emotional state as their owners and see their relationship as a twin-ship. So, it’s obvious that your wife will respect your needs and listen thoughtfully to your problems. Hey! She will understand you and soothe your clattered nerves with her love and affection.

#10. Don’t run away or give up

By nature, cats don’t quit or stop at anything easily, and the same can be said of their owners. So, you can be proud of her if she fights back and struggles hard to become an achiever.

If you too are about to say ‘I Do’ to a person having a cat ownership; it can do wonders to your married life. And you have all the reasons to see that how this obsession helps and works.

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