10 Reasons Why Every 'Jethani' Is Lucky To Have A 'Devrani'


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10 Reasons Why Every 'Jethani' Is Lucky To Have A 'Devrani'

Marriage is a beautiful journey and the start to a new and exciting life. It is a journey of beautiful moments, new relationships, lots of exciting outings and most importantly, the adjustments a girl makes in her new home with the new family. And, if you happen to be the first daughter-in-law in your house, it most definitely is an amazing feeling to welcome your sister-in-law into the family, and finally, have someone who will sail in the same boat as you. 

So, here are the 10 super-awesome things every jethani (along with you) feels when her devrani comes to the family!

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#1. I finally have someone who understands me better

Since we both are outsiders coming into a new family, I am sure she will understand my situation and the experiences I go through (good or bad) better than anyone else. I don’t have to explain myself to give my feelings a voice anymore.

#2. I now have a new outing partner

Shopping, kitty parties, grocery store visit, stocking up the veggies, going to boring family functions- bring it on!!! I now have a perfect and constant companion to accompany me everywhere!

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#3. We both have the same topic for discussion- the mother-in-law

Whether good or bad, we both know how actually our in-laws are. So instead of telling what happened with me and his mother to my husband (which actually always falls on deaf ears), I have someone who goes through more or less the same situations as me. I can now discuss things with her and let my heart out.

#4. I will now have someone to help me share the responsibilities

Till now, I was the only one taking care of everything in the house and the family. From managing the house to instructing the help, it was all on my shoulders. Now that my devrani is here, I too will get some burden off my shoulders and have fewer responsibilities than before.

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#5. I have a new sister in my home

Sometimes, being the new member of a new family can be a daunting task. Having a devrani come into the family is like having a sister who is always by my side. I hope we share a great rapport and become the best of friends.

#6. It will be nice to be able to guide her as there was no one to do the same with me

When I came into this family, I wish there was someone to guide me well, so that I could have avoided all the small little mistakes I did unintentionally. Settling into a new household is never an easy thing and I am glad I am there to be her guide and make her journey easy for the start of a beautiful married life.

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#7. There will be a change in my mother-in-law’s nature for sure

I have been in the family for a long time now, which is why I am sure that my mother-in-law will have an instant liking or fondness towards her. After all who doesn’t find a little change or something entirely new exciting, right? But at the same time, if she doesn’t seem to like her as much, she might just become fonder of me instead. Good or bad; only the future will tell!

#8. When her baby comes, I will finally get rid of all the baby stuff I have saved till now

And I couldn’t be happier to finally get some extra space in my closets along with the excitement of the baby sharing his older cousin’s clothes/toys/baby furniture etc. They would also save a lot of money because the baby nursery would already be ready with all the beautiful stuff I already bought for my children when they were babies!

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#9. I will get some free time to spend

Now that she is there, I will worry less about my in-laws, leaving them alone or about the household chores as she will be there to look after things. I can finally get some time for myself to do the things I was longing to do, but couldn’t because of the hectic routine. And of course, I will always be happy to do the same for her!

#10. I have someone who has my back

And finally, I can’t wait for her to get here as I will finally have someone who always has my back. Someone who not only understands me, but also stands by me when needed and vice versa!

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To have a person who sails in the same boat as you (good or bad) is a blessing in disguise and that is what makes a devrani-jethani relationship so much fun and so special. So, all you jethanis out there, tag your devrani already and let them know how super lucky you feel to have them in your life!



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