10 Awesome Tricks You Must Try To Make Your Husband Obey You Always


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10 Awesome Tricks You Must Try To Make Your Husband Obey You Always

Being a woman, what is that one thing you look for in your life partner? Someone who has a loving nature, is hilariously funny, a caring soul or who is amazingly good looking. Well, to each his own, but what is that one particular thing every wife wishes her husband would do?

Without a doubt, every wife wants a husband who obeys her. Someone who gets you breakfast in bed, cleans the house, helps with the dishes, prepares dinner and so many more things. Does this seem to be becoming more and more of a fantasy? Though all this does not happen much in reality, we bring you tricks that you could try, to make it happen. 

#1. Shut the nagging switch

So we understand that it is human nature to nag, especially a few years down, but if you want your husband to be more like how you want him to be, hit the stop button. Continuous nagging and shouting will make him do the exact opposite of what you want of him. Men are like little kids, who need to be handled with care.

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#2. Compliment him

A sweet compliment, appreciation for a job done well, and a pat on the back every now and then can work wonders. Even when he gets you a cauliflower from the vegetable vendor instead of carrots which you actually asked for, give him a thumbs up.

#3. Roll the ball when he is attentive

It is very difficult to get a man’s attention, especially when he is parked in front of the television with his beer and chips, or engrossed in his PlayStation. Even if you ask him to do something while he is doing his thing a million times, the job will not be done! So, try to grab him off guard, at a time when he is completely attentive.

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#4. Praise him in front of his parents

If you want to be his queen, his angel and his master for the rest of your life, all you need to do is praise him in front of his parents. It somehow will give his man ego a big boost. Doing so, in front of his friends, might earn you some extra points too!

#5. Know when he is vulnerable

You are a woman. You have the biggest weapon that God gave you, which is to lure your guy into doing anything you want with your looks and 'charm'. Hypnotise him or rather, intoxicate him with some sexy moves. Tease him while wearing your finest nightwear and see him follow your commands.

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#6. Be compassionate

Compassion is the key to happy relationships and so, with your husband too, you must practice the art of being compassionate. Your love and gentle behaviour towards him, will automatically melt him to do what you want. Be receptive to what he wants of you as well. After all, a relationship does work on the principal of give and take.

#7. Don’t overburden him with a list of things to do

Men are lazy when it comes to doing household chores. So, you are the one who needs to act smart here. When you have his entire attention, get him to do just one chore. You might have a list of things you may want him to do like clean the garage, fix the car lights or sharpen your kitchen tools. Don’t hand over the entire list to him at once. Break the chores into baby steps and after one chore is done, appreciate his ‘hard work' and then move on to the other!

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#8. Don't take things too seriously

We can get personal for the smallest of things. We feel, for some strange reason, that whatever our husbands do or say is, directly or indirectly, directed against us. Live and let live a stress-free and chilled-out life. Men work easier in chilled-out environments. If you keep things light without the constant blame on your husband of targeting you, he will most definitely obey your commands.

#9. Don’t be dominating

In a marriage, a husband will always be offended if you lead. At least, this is the case with most Indian men. So, lead in disguise! Do what you wish to, but direct it through him. So, in the end you are the winner in both ways. You show him who the boss is without shouting it out loud!

#10. Ignore at least some of his mistakes

Lastly, go a little easy. Pat his back for his good deeds, but also learn to ignore his silly mistakes. When he sees your forgiving nature, he himself would want to do what you say. Always remember, he does not mean to annoy or hurt you on purpose.

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When it comes to marriage, we certainly believe that both the partners share an equal space. But ladies, tell us, wouldn't it feel good if you can make your husband believe in the expression 'your wish is my command' as well? Well, if not always then, once in a while at least. So, for all its worth, try giving it a shot!



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