From Pampering To Parenting, 9 Wonderful Things Shahid Did For Wife Mira During Her Pregnancy


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From Pampering To Parenting, 9 Wonderful Things Shahid Did For Wife Mira During Her Pregnancy

It wasn't only weddings that kept our celebrities busy last year, but also the news of babies. In 2016, many B-town couples welcomed their little bundles of joy into this world. Some of the names included Riteish-Genelia, Kareena-Saif and Shahid-Mira. There is this one actor who did some wonderful things for his pregnant wife.

We are talking about Udta Punjab actor, Shahid Kapoor. Our very handsome Sasha and his wife, Mira Rajput, were blessed with a little baby girl named Misha. The apple of their eye, Misha was born on August 26, 2016. So here is the list of a few adorable things that Shahid has done for his lovely wife Mira after she got pregnant!

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#1. Announcing Pregnancy News

Shahid Mira pregnancy

Shahid announced the pregnancy of his wife Mira in the coolest way possible. There were a lot of speculations about Mira's pregnancy from the time when her close friend, Masaba Gupta posted a picture of Mira with a visible baby bump. When a journalist asked him indirectly if he is becoming a dad soon, here is what he said:

“Haan main baap banne wala hoon. Kya kar lega tu?”

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#2. Pampering His Wife

Shahid Mira pregnancy

At the time of Udta Punjab, Shahid took some time out from his busy shooting schedule and took his wife to Maldives for a holiday. The then-expecting parents were babymooning and Shahid also shared some really cute couple selfies with his fans. They are also often spotted on dinner dates, hand-in-hand, spending quality time together.

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#3. Learning Parenting Lessons

Shahid Mira pregnancy

The new age parents, Shahid and Mira started learning their parenting lessons, long before Misha was born, from a really cool app. Here is what Shahid said:

"Right now, it's all about what's coming, the anticipation. I have been reading up on pregnancy and parenting on this really cool app that Mira downloaded for me."

#4. Mira’s Only Complaint

Shahid Mira pregnancy

Like any other wife, Mira Rajput also used to complain to hubby Shahid about one thing- education. Shahid is a college drop-out and Mira wants their child to complete education. Shahid shared Mira’s concern and said:

“Yeah, she keeps telling me, ‘you didn’t complete your college, and there is no way that our child will not complete his education.’ I feel like I need to explain it to her that it’s not like I didn’t want to complete college, it’s just that I got work and I used to earn for myself. So, it just happened like that.”

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#5. The Kind Of Parents They Will Be

Shahid Mira pregnancy

The cutesy couple was very clear about the kind of parents they will become, before the arrival of their daughter Misha. Shahid candidly shared:

“That’s sorted. Mira is the strict one. I’ll be the nice guy who lets the kid do whatever he wants. So that one is completely sorted.”

#6. Level Of Excitement

Shahid Mira pregnancy

Before the birth of Misha, Shahid was very happy with this news and was eagerly waiting for her arrival. He shared his excitement saying:

“I am really excited and looking forward to it. It's a really nice feeling.”

Well, excited is an understatement, Shahid and Mira were more than happy during Mira's pregnancy. Shahid further added:

“I am good and so is Mira. Thank you. Excited would be a huge understatement.”

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#7. Ready For The Responsibility

Shahid Mira pregnancy

Shahid and Mira became parents for the first time and are wonderfully taking the responsibility of Misha. Before the birth of the little princess, here is what Shahid said about taking her responsibility:

“It will be a new responsibility. From being an independent individual, you become part of a family and of a wonderful unit. So you feel responsible not just for yourself but for others as well. I am sure my wife (Mira) feels the same way about it. She was an independent individual and now she has responsibility of us being a family.”

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#8. Mira’s Selfies

Shahid Mira pregnancy

The actor keeps sharing his wife’s candid pictures, and Mira also love clicking selfies. So is Shahid fond of his wife’s pics? Here is what Shahid said:

“I always like it (Mira’s selfie) otherwise I’ll be punched in my face when I get back home like, ‘I posted this three hours back and you haven’t even seen it yet!!!’”

#9. Just Chill With Wifey

Shahid Mira pregnancy Image Courtesy: Instagram

Shahid Mira pregnancy

Just like Shahid, chill with your wifey dear when she is expecting. He did the same during those days. He spent a lot of time with his pregnant wife. The above picture was posted by Shahid on Instagram. The caption with this read:

"Chillies with the mommy to be."

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Shahid with Misha and MIra

Isn’t Shahid a cutie pie? He was super-excited to become a dad and when Misha entered the world, he was on cloud nine. He keeps on sharing some really cute pictures of Misha and Mira and we must say that Shahid is giving every man out there major #HubbyGoals and #DaddyGoals. He did a lot of adorable things for his wife to make her feel special during her pregnancy. You can also pamper your wife when she is expecting. 

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