10 Cute Reasons Why Men Who Do Not Drink Make Awesome Husbands


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10 Cute Reasons Why Men Who Do Not Drink Make Awesome Husbands

Being non-alcoholic does not imply that your guy is 'not happening', unrealistic and bored of life. And, it surely does not imply that a guy who is sober had a drinking problem in the past, and now is off alcohol, thanks to rehab! Being sober just means that it is an individual’s personal choice, and that he is above pressures of the society or friends. He has the ability to enjoy life and all that it has to offer without being ‘not in his senses’, and is brave enough to own it! But, the actual icing on the cake is to be married to one and have a blissfully amazing life ahead. Wondering how? Well, here is how:

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#1. They are reliable

why sober men make good husbands

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Whether you need to be picked up from work, or need to come back home from a late night party, you can totally rely on him. He will always be on time, and drive you safely anytime, anywhere!

#2. They ask for help when needed

why sober men make good husbands

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Because he does not think that asking for directions from a stranger, or help when needed will make him any less of a man!

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#3. They do not throw tantrums

why sober men make good husbands

The only ones that guys throw when they are drunk and later apologise saying, ‘Sorry babes, I wasn’t in my senses’!

#4. You can have awesome weekends instead of bad hangovers

why sober men will make good husbands?

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To them, Friday and Saturday nights are not meant for drinking. And, the mornings after are certainly not booked for hangovers. Family trips, movies and shopping are what weekends are for with sober husbands!

#5. They set a good example for your children

why sober men will make good husbands?

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Children look up to their parents. Especially if you have a boy, he would want to be just like his dad! So, it would be no surprise to you if your child turns out to be decent, mature and a perfect gentleman, just like his dad!

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#6. They make you feel safe

why sober men make good husbands

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With men who have a drinking problem, domestic violence seems to be a way of life. With your guy, you  feel extremely safe, as he is truly caring and protective about you.

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#7. They have more time on their hand for you and the kids

why sober men will make good husbands?

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They do not waste their free time going on  'drinking dates with guys' or lay in bed due to bad hangovers. They enjoy the time with their family, and love their life the way it is.

#8. They make vacations worthwhile

why sober men make good husbands

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Most guys associate vacation time with drinking all day and night. If you ask them not to, they say they are on vacation and that is the only way they can relax. But, our sober guy has time for sightseeing, indulge in adventure sports, accompany you while shopping, chill out on the beach and enjoy some lovely moments in the bedroom too!

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#9. They are strong-willed

why sober men make good husbands?

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As much as their friends or relatives might force them to drink, they are strong enough to overcome the temptation and resist alcohol. This is what you call determination and will power!

#10. They do not use you as a soft target

why sober men make good husbands?

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While drunk, men feel it is their birth right to blame their wives for everything that goes wrong and shout for no reason. But not your guy! He may fight with you, but never makes you the punching bag for all the blames! He is man enough to own up to his own mistakes.

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Well, we do not think there is anything more you could ask for, if you get to marry a guy like this! And whatever the world might think or say, life can be as colourful, fun and exciting without a few pegs of vodka!

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