When Rekha Stunned Simi Garewal By Suggesting A Hint Of Getting Remarried To A Woman

The queen of hearts, Rekha had once asked a very controversial question to fellow actor, Simi Garewal, which had shaken the faith in masculinity.


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When Rekha Stunned Simi Garewal By Suggesting A Hint Of Getting Remarried To A Woman

Veteran actor, Rekha can be rightfully addressed as a gorgeous actor with tons of controversy around her. Keeping up with her unabashed opinions and fearless personality, she had once questioned the societal norm of a woman supposed to be marrying a man only.

While gracing the popular chat show, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, the host, Simi had asked Rekha if she would ever consider remarriage. To this, Rekha bluntly counter-questioned and asked if she meant getting married to a man. While Simi was taken aback by such a remark and replied that she obviously meant remarrying a man, Rekha had sharply responded:

“Why not? In my mind, I am married to myself, my profession and my loved ones. I am not a cynical person.”

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Further, during the conversation, Simi Garewal spoke about the commonly accepted fact that it is only in the hands of a man to provide a sense of security to a woman, who does not feel so. And so, a woman feeling secure is the work of a man only. In Simi’s words:

“If a woman is secure, man has given her the feeling of security.”

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However, to this remark, Rekha took an immediate retort as she went on to counter this ideology with her opinion. Rubbishing the fact that a woman feeling secure has nothing at all to do with the man, she had said:

“Not necessarily, it has got nothing to do with a man. It has to do with the person she is.”

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Well, Rekha’s personal life can be recounted as nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. From being rejected by her father as a legitimate child, to a tragic marriage with Mukesh Aggarwal, to finally facing a lot of criticism for being in a relationship with an already-married man, Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha has borne it all with her head held high.

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What do you think of Rekha’s unabashed opinion?

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