When Jiah Khan Was Rumoured To Be Aamir Khan's Step-Sister, His Father Had Dismissed It

Late Bollywood actress, Jiah Khan was once rumoured to be Aamir Khan's step-sister. Here's how Aamir's father, Tahir Hussain had reacted to the report. Read on to know more!


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When Jiah Khan Was Rumoured To Be Aamir Khan's Step-Sister, His Father Had Dismissed It

Bollywood's one of the most renowned and versatile actors, Aamir Khan is known to be a perfectionist. However, every now and then, the actor gets entangled in a lot of controversies. One such instance was when the late actress, Jiah Khan was rumoured to be Aamir Khan's step-sister, the internet users had gone crazy.

Jiah Khan couldn't live a long life as she had committed suicide in 2013. However, within a short span of her career, she had proved her worth in the industry. For those who don't know, Jiah had worked with Aamir Khan for a brief role in the film, Ghajini. And during the promotions of the movie, this rumour had spread.

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As reported by the media, late actress, Jiah Khan's mother and yesteryear actress, Rabiya Khan and Aamir Khan's father, Tahir Hussain were in a relationship, and Jiah was their daughter. This had showed that Jiah was Aamir Khan's step-sister. As soon as the news had hit the headlines, millions of his fans were shocked.


Rabiya Amin and Tahir Hussain had worked in a few films together, and rumours were rife that they were in an alleged relationship. The report had further cited similarities between Aamir Khan and Jiah Khan's facial features. However, even though Aamir Khan had never talked about it, Jiah and his father had brushed off these rumours.


In an old interview, Tahir Hussain had addressed these rumours and had talked about them openly. Reacting to the baseless allegations, Aamir Khan's father had shared:

“As far as I know, Rabiya is married to a man from Pakistan. Rabiya is a very close friend of mine, but I was never married to her and Jiah is not my daughter.” 

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On the other hand, Jiah had also opened up about these rumours and had mentioned that she never knew who her father was, and she had never asked her mother about him. Talking about the same, she had said:

“This is completely untrue and utter rubbish. To be frank I don’t know much about my father and I have never asked my mother about him. All I know is that he was an American.”


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