5 Life-Lessons All Married Women Can Learn From Sunny Leone


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5 Life-Lessons All Married Women Can Learn From Sunny Leone

Vivacious, hot, bold and now, the most sought-after in the Indian glamour industry, the mention of actress Sunny Leone, can bring a number of adjectives to your mind. But this beautiful bombshell is also an enterprising young woman with a mind of her own. Although it is true that she came from a rather frowned upon choice of career, it is equally true that she has now carved her name in Bollywood, quite efficiently! Sunny Leone, is one name that cannot be ignored anymore.

And while you wonder what Indian brides can learn from an international adult film star, let us assure you that you are in for a surprise. This "baby doll" does have a thing or two that can actually better you as a woman, and in fact make your husband value you even more! Surprised? Read on to get some important life lessons from Sunny Leone.

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#1. Be confident and proud of what you do

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This is probably the most important thing that all women should take note of. It is very well-known, right from the time she entered the Bigg Boss house that Sunny Leone was never ashamed of what she did. She has walked with grace and confidence, and a bright smile, be it facing the cameras for Bollywood movies or walking the ramp for Indian designs. What we are suggesting is, no matter what you do, whether you are a student, a working professional or a homemaker, be very proud of it. More importantly, let your confidence shine bright in your attitude and your body language. Your self-belief will make you a much better wife and mother than you already are, trust us.

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#2. Keep looking ahead

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When she came to India, she was ridiculed, looked down upon, criticised and even protested against! But Sunny Leone kept moving ahead, looking for a better tomorrow. Even though she has admitted to have been very scared at times, she did not give up. Ultimately she had the choice to make a successful name for herself in B-town and she did take it! Similarly, there can be many situations that can pull you down in life. Getting married late, difficult in-laws, and many other tough phases can make the day difficult. But, no matter what the situation seems like, just keep looking ahead with positivity and confidence. That alone will make a better tomorrow for you.

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#3. Love yourself first

Let’s just face it; whether we admit to it or not, we do dream for and desire that perfect body like Sunny Leone! But the way this 32-year-old looks flawless and fit, it is clear that she worships her body like a temple. She is a health freak who swears by her strict workout regime and a healthy diet. I work out as much as I can. With the schedule that I have, it is very hard to maintain a routine. But when I cannot work out, I try to eat very healthy- lots of vegetables and milk every day,” she says. This is a very important lesson for women who tend to ignore their health and fitness especially after getting married. Only if you are healthy and fit will you be able to take care of your husband, kids and family. And it isn’t that difficult! Just stay away from junk food, have a regular exercise routine and pamper yourself in the spa or salon every few days.

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#4. Be your man’s ultimate fantasy

Sunny is every man’s ultimate fantasy, and though it might sound a little too bold, this can be achievable by you too! Though it seems rather challenging, remember that men will always be men (if you know what we mean!) and your husband is not an exception. He certainly dreams of you being the hot seductress like Sunny. We agree that your day is filled with many roles and responsibilities, but make it a point that you save the evening for him. This is where taking care of your body also comes into picture. Apart from giving him time, make sure that you welcome him with a smile, smell great and act enticing. Learn the art of being a seductress to your man. You are his prized possession in every way possible; why would he even think of Sunny when you become his fantasy girl?

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#5. Be responsible (yes, read it again)

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Sunny Leone, has seen the most glamorous side of life and her profession involves stuff that many people often call superficial- looking and dressing good, and living a luxurious life. But she is very well aware of her social responsibilities and plays this role beautifully. Apart from being a strong PETA supporter, she raises money to support cancer patients and underprivileged children, and recently is also working for dog rescue and adoption. This might sound preachy, but helping those in need, not just materially but even emotionally as and when you can, will make you feel much better about yourself. You can do your tiny bit by helping your maid’s children study or even sponsoring an orphan or donating clothes and books to charity. The things you can do are endless; all you have to do is try! Giving something to the society is one of the many important values that you can actually pass on to your kids.

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It is incredible how much you can learn from the bold bombshell. While you try to adopt these simple points, also make sure you never compromise on your principles and values in life. If there is more that you think you could learn from Sunny, do share with us in the comments box below.

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