Weight Gaining Tips For Skinny Bride


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Weight Gaining Tips For Skinny Bride

Not everyone is blessed with a round body. There are many girls who are skinny by birth as their metabolic rate is quite high. Hence any amount of junk-food or fat rich diet adds nothing to their lean frame. But for a bride looking more skinny than actually required is not something she wants. For all those who fall in this category, we have a solution for you. Follow the below mentioned tips and have a fuller figure by the time you step into the wedlock.

Check your waist

Be particular about what waist size you want. This will help you chalk out a way to create a schedule. Always remember that if you are on fat diet, it will accumulate around your hips, thighs and stomach. So be sure as to what you want.

Plan out a diet

Your diet should also complement your urge to gain weight. You wouldn’t want yourself all puffed up but feeling unwell, would you? So get in touch with a dietician who will help you get a proper diet plan. Have a sumptuous breakfast. Eat more than you actually do since you want results soon. Your food should include more of fats and carbohydrates than anything else.

Hit the gym

Go gyming as much as you can. Don’t run on a treadmill or hop on an aerobic machine. You are there to gain weight and not lose it further. Concentrate on muscle exercises. It will help you gain fast yet keeping your form intact.

Water check

Drink water but to a restrained level. Your metabolic rate is already high so unless you are very thirsty ditch the liquid. Also take in some soda, juices or cold drinks. They will also help you acquire a sound figure before your marriage.

So follow the above and become everyone’s envy on your D-day in a good shape and perfect frame.



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