10 Unexpected Reception Party Disasters Even Your Wedding Planner Cannot Fix


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10 Unexpected Reception Party Disasters Even Your Wedding Planner Cannot Fix

However well you may plan or however hard you may try,  when it comes to weddings, some things are just bound to go wrong. These can be the most unexpected things that can single-handedly make your entire event a disaster. And no matter how expensive or amazing your wedding planning and planner might be, these are things that might not be under his control either.

So coming straight to the point, here are the top 10 wedding reception disasters that you should know of, to avoid or handle well at your wedding!

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#1. The weather forecast ditched you at the last moment

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We know you checked the weather predictions everyday ever since the wedding date got finalised, but when it comes to judging nature, you cannot be a hundred per cent sure, can you? So, a bright sparkling sun on an otherwise cloudy afternoon set up or rains on an outdoor set-up can completely ruin your reception.

#2. You didn’t hang your gown

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And, when you are about to wear it just before your reception is going to begin, the creases on the gown, thanks to the hanger folds can leave you in a fix!

#3. You accidently booked the venue for the wrong month

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The same date but the wrong month! Happens all the time, buddy! Imagine you reach your venue to witness another gathering in progress!

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#4. Your dress tore as soon as you reached the venue

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That’s the worst thing that can happen to any bride. The best thing to do in such a situation is to keep your cool and try to camouflage the torn part. What is even better is to have an alternate ready!

#5. Kids messed up the entire stage decorations

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They rip apart the flowers, jump on your decorated sofas with messy shoes and shift the carpet or eat a bite each from all desserts. Man, do you need patience in a situation like this? Yes, yes you do!

#6. You have atleast one drunk guest

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You know those friends and relatives for whom weddings functions are another name for getting drunk and talking rubbish, behaving in an uncivilised manner and making you and your guests uncomfortable? Yes, we are sure you have met atleast one person like this!

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#7. Your heels break

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And, not only is your dress stitched to a length including your 5-inch heels, but also your husband is more than a few inches taller than you! Just for the worst-case scenario, keep a pair as a spare.

#8. Very little lighting arrangement

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You thought that a full moon night with a million stars in the sky and just a few lights would give your wedding a surreal charming effect. In reality though, your guests can hardly recognise each other’s faces!

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#9. The food is not as good as you imagined it would be

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Because when you went for the food tasting, you visited the caterer’s restaurant where food is made in small quantities and will obviously taste good, whereas actually, you should have tasted the food at one of the wedding events organised by the same caterer before your gathering.

#10. You get unexpected guests

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You invited only the family but they brought along some houseguests who are staying at their place with them. What do you do now? How do you seat them? How do you feed them? Well, for such a situation, make sure that the caterer arranges for some extra plates and chairs.

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So now that you are aware of all the unexpected things that could manage to screw up your reception, make a note of them along with possible solutions, to have an uninterrupted function for yourself, which only gives you memories, no troubles!

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