Wedding Footwear For Indian Brides


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Wedding Footwear For Indian Brides


I’m 5 ft. tall and my husband is approximately 6 ft. in height. Although, it is not possible for me to match up to his stature but I would like to enhance my height by a few inches. Can you please suggest the right kind of footwear, which I should wear on my wedding day? I am looking for options that would make me look tall and yet feel comfortable on my feet.


Usually, heels do not offer the convenience of comfort. But it depends largely on the type and size of the heel. Finding comfort in heels also depends on how well you can carry them off or how easy you feel in them.

If you do feel comfortable in heels, then go for stilettos. These not only make a woman look tall and slim, but can also give your dress a stunning look. However, since it is your wedding day, we would recommend that you go for heels not measuring more than 2 inches. Especially if you don’t like wearing heel in general, then avoid stilettos under all conditions. They can give you severe backache and make it difficult to stand erect for more than a few minutes.

Kitten heels are a good and very comfortable option. They are cute and stylish and can easily allow one to stand for a few hours. However, it is important that you sit for a few minutes in between to allow your body to rest. They also have a nice lady like charm about them.

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While selecting your wedding shoes, you should keep in mind the following few points:

  • Get your size right, otherwise, you will feel uneasy in them.
  • Break into the heels. That means walk around your house a few times with your wedding shoes, to get comfortable in them.
  • The colour should compliment your dress.
  • Most importantly, the size of your heels should make you feel comfortable and confident. Do not sacrifice your comfort for fashion.

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Since it is your wedding day everyone will have their eyes on you. Remember, heels look good only if you feel comfortable in them and you are confident enough about carrying them off. Just bask in the glory of all the attention and don’t let such a petty thing occupy your mind.

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