Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2011


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Wedding Dates To Avoid In 2011

In India, wedding dates are chosen with great ceremony and pomp. Most families will consult with an astrologer who will give them an accurate idea of the astrological convergences during the next six months. They are also consulted to advise on a wedding date. As a result, almost all inauspicious dates are already noted well before hand by the family astrologer and both families. But apart from that here are a few dates you should avoid as they are considered bad luck all over the world.

Friday the 13th is one such date that almost everyone is aware of. Future days that fall on a Friday include May 13, 2011, January 13, 2012, April 13, 2012 and July 13, 2012

For inter religious marriages, its a good idea to check with the other religion and their astrological charts to find out dates that would be acceptable to both religions as a day for marriage. For example, the Chinese consider this year as the year of the rabbit. There are detailed Chinese almanacs present online that you can use to find good and bad wedding dates in the year 2011.Try this link here to get a good list of auspicious dates for the year 2011. As most of Chinese and Indian astrology overlaps, their auspicious dates tend to be good for us too. 

If you don't want to consult astrologers, then you can just as easily work online. There are thousands of free sites that will consult your astrological sign and then get you a date that is favorable to you for marriage.

These are just a few of the dates that you should avoid for your wedding day but we do suggest you check with your personal astrologer who will be able to find a good date for you according to your signs and horoscope.


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