10 Truly Adorable Ways For An Indian Bride To Honour Her Dad On Her Wedding


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10 Truly Adorable Ways For An Indian Bride To Honour Her Dad On Her Wedding

A father is a girl’s first superhero. He taught her how to ride a bicycle and drive a car. He would carry her to her bed when she would fall asleep on the couch. Before saying goodnight, he would tell her a bedtime story. He would always remind her that she is the most beautiful person in his life and make her feel special.

Girls, didn’t that all sound familiar to you? With him, you always feel so safe, as he has always been a rock solid support. And, now that you are getting married, it is your turn to do something to make him feel special. Here we have some ideas on how you can honour your father at your wedding.

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#1. Go on a daddy-daughter lunch or dinner

honour your dad on your wedding

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So far, you have been going on family lunches or dinners, which were mostly planned and organised by your dad. But, now is the time that you do this differently. This time, you take your father out to his favourite restaurant. Enjoy his favourite cuisine while talking about your feelings. You can ask your fiancé to join you as well. Your father would be really happy to see his little angel taking care of him even when she has another important man in her life now.

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#2. Take him to a meditation session

honour your dad at your wedding

Organising an Indian wedding is a really hectic job. Since he is your dad, he must be stressing the most. After all, it is his little darling's most important day. With all the fuss and flurry of activities, he surely must be acting indifferent to peace. So, book a meditation session to calm his nerves and yours too.

#3. Have an emotional session

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A father just wants his daughter to be happy, but it is always hard for him to see her go away. While you will move on to embark upon a new journey, your absence will always remind him that things would not be the same. Just sit with him and have a long session of emotional talk. Since, he has to look as well as act super-strong, it will be tough for him to cry in front of others. But, he would not need to hold back when he is only with you.

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#4. Dance with him

honour your dad at your wedding

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Everyone waits for the first dance of the couple. Before you dance with your groom, dance with your father. You do not necessarily have to choreograph it, just go with the flow. This will tell your father that he is and always will be your first love.

#5. Walk down the aisle with him

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Instead of making a grand entrance, ask your father to walk you down the aisle. Hold his hand tight before he gives you away. This is a very special way to say that you want him with you in every step that you take. And this way, you will also tell him how grateful you are to him for his support as you move forward to start a new life.

#6. Have a photo shoot together and gift him an adorable album

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Wouldn't a father-daughter photo shoot be a super-adorable thing to see? So, get clicked with him during all the pre-wedding as well as wedding ceremonies and collect the best ones. Apart from these photographs, also collect all your cherished childhood photos with your dad. Compile them all in a beautiful album and gift it to him before your vidaai. You can even create a slideshow of all of them and show them on a big screen on your wedding day to tell the world that you are still your daddy's little princess!

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#7. Add a piece of his cloth to your dress

honur your dad at your wedding

Take your father's shirt and add a piece of it in your own wedding dress. Highlight it a bit. He will be extremely happy and really honoured!

#8. Ask him to read something special for you

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Ask your father to read something at your wedding or your reception. It can be your favourite fairytale that he used to read to you when you were a toddler, or a blessing, or anything else that you want. You can read something for him as well.

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#9. Colour co-ordinate your outfits

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Most of the brides colour co-ordinate their dresses with that of their groom's outfits. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, matching your outfit with your dad's clothes will give you and your father a completely different feeling.

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#10. Highlight his talents

honour your dad at your wedding

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Your super-talented dad is amazing and you know it! He has been there to cheer you up when you truly needed him. And now, it is the time that you do the same for him. Let the world know about his talents too. You can make a video montage or give a speech telling how talented he is. And, let him know how proud you are of him.

Well, a daughter can never repay her father for everything that he has done for her or even explain to him how priceless he is to her! But, doing these things will apprise him how much you love him, and will make him feel truly special.

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