6 Ways To Go Digital To Have A Tech-Friendly Wedding


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6 Ways To Go Digital To Have A Tech-Friendly Wedding

Technology today is playing an essential role in simplifying and upgrading our lives. So, why should the digital aspect be left behind when it comes to sprucing up the wedding vows?

Here’s how you can incorporate the high-tech trends into your big day to make it all the more appealing and memorable for your guests.

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#1. Wedding apps

Infusing technology into your wedding planning no doubt starts with the apps. From sending mass invites (text and video invites), to managing finances, making guest lists and connecting with the vendors; the preparations of the big event can be at your fingertips. Also, you can take your wedding planning everywhere you go. So, forget the excel sheets and the note pads and download the easier and workable apps. The apps specifically related to budget, music, and vendors are the much-needed ones to ease every step in your process of getting hitched.

#2. Webcast your marriage

Fret not if a loved one can’t make it to your wedding. You can have your entire wedding rituals and the proceedings broadcasted online through a wedding website. Just have a website created and invite friends and relatives back home to the website, to watch it live or download it. Video-streaming is the latest way to have friends and family afar take part in the wedding. It’s similar to watching a video on YouTube. But yeah, they will miss on those spicy gossips and backslapping, the “interviewing” aunts, the food and the hugs.

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#3. Drone cameras

Here is another creative and smarter gear to give your wedding a facelift. Your footages and shots seem all the more magical with this digital device. Unlike traditional cameras, drones can capture impossibly amazing photos, videos and the never-before-possible shots. The aerial footages give close and personal views of the bride and groom, the venue, and other rituals and activities which are happening. Drones are more appropriate for open venues, destination weddings or when there is a special display. You need permission to fly the drones at your venue.

#4. Digital screens

Well, a screen that can pull and display the live-tweets, changed FB statuses and in-the-moment selfies from your guests’ smart phones can be a superb idea. Real time photos, posts, emoticons and kind words right there on the big screen can create a whole new level of guest interaction. However, the possibilities and options of what you can display on the huge guestbook (we must say) are endless.

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#5. Wifi zone

Needless to say, this is the best option in your effort to lure the tech-loving guests. Just ask the manager of the venue to activate the WiFi service and your guests will be more than happy to have this free internet surprise. This will allow the guests to share all the happenings of the wedding instantly. Emails, tweets, FB posts and WhatsApp, which have become a part and parcel of daily life, will be easily utilised by the guests at the tech-friendly venue.

#6. Selfie-sticks and charging station

This concept will definitely click with your dear ones at the wedding or reception. Make the selfie-sticks and chargers available for your geeky guests. Having an access to the cool and significant tools will surely make their day.  And it’s super easy to pull off the trend. You just need a bunch of chargers and a few selfie sticks in different colours. Just get them fixed at a station or two, and we bet the idea is going to be a huge hit among your friends and relatives.

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Thanks to the revolution of technology. The utter coolness, smartness and innovation of the digital space can add extra fun and flare to your D-day. The technological titbits not only make your event unique, but also offer a lot of new ways to manage the work, time and budget in an effective way. Kindly, share with us more ideas as to make a wedding more impressive and e-savvy.

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