10 Easy Ways Every Bride-To-Be Can Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters


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10 Easy Ways Every Bride-To-Be Can Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters

Anxiety before your wedding is common. In fact, if you did not experience anxiety, you could be one of the really rare ones. Marriage is a major commitment, and one that has everyone anxious about the road ahead, even those who could not be more in love. Amidst all the fun, joy and celebrations, weddings can get very stressful. Deciding the venue, numerous shopping trips, selecting the invitation cards…the list just does not seem to end. The fast approaching wedding day sees the butterflies in the stomach multiply quickly!

Well, you do not want your anxiety to affect your ability to enjoy your wedding and be happy. That is why, you should try these pre-wedding anxiety reduction strategies. As chaotic and stressful as weddings can be, there are ways one can resort to calm down the last minute marriage jitters. Here are some of them.

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#1. Run away

Ways To Deal With Pre Wedding Jitters

No, do not run away from the altar! Just go running. Find a nice, quiet park and go for a jog. Exercise, especially light running, has numerous anxiety reduction benefits. It releases endorphins, which help your body to regulate your mood. Exercising uses up and burns away stress hormones. It can also be calming during a time when there is no hustle-bustle. Going for a jog every day, especially on the days leading up to your wedding can be immensely powerful in de-stressing you.

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#2. Meditate and relax

Ways To Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters For Every Bride-To-Be

Whenever you get worked up, try and sit in the most peaceful corner of the house and meditate. There is nothing more soothing for the mind than meditation. Take deep breaths and try to calm your mind. Think of what really matters to you, and try to forget everything else. You will be surprised at the results.

#3. Relax with your closest friend

Ways To Deal With Pre Wedding Jitters

Anxiety is an all-consuming emotion, one that can actually change the way you feel about other aspects of your life. If you are anxious about going up in front of all the people at the wedding, just stop thinking about it! Just take a break from the wedding preparations, sit somewhere, and relax with a good friend. It is a great way to cut back on the stress that your wedding can cause, and help you regain some clarity in your busy life.

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#4. Stay close to your family

Ways To Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters For Every Bride-To-Be

It is believed that in times of distress, no one can calm you down the way your family does. When you are around your loved ones, you feel safe, happy, appreciated and pampered. Feelings of uncertainty and fear do not linger long in a pleasant state of mind. So, whenever the nerve-wracking jitters start to appear, try to surround yourself with your beloved family members.

#5. Speak to the married ones

Ways To Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters For Every Bride-To-Be

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Pre-wedding jitters bring questions like ‘Will everything turn out to be as planned?’, ‘Will life change drastically after marriage?’, or ‘Have I taken the right decision?’, and much more. In such a situation, talking to your friends who have already experienced this is not a bad idea. Their tips can be of great help to calm you down as you can benefit from their good experiences and learn from their mistakes.

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#6. Learn to assign tasks

Ways To Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters For Every Bride-To-Be

It surely is your wedding, but it does not mean that you need to make or oversee all the arrangements by yourself. The more work you take upon yourself, the more burdened and stressed out you will feel. Try to delegate responsibilities and tasks. If not to outsiders, then assign tasks to your own family members and friends. For instance, you can ask your brother to pick up your outfits from the boutique, or ask a close friend to overlook the appointments with the beautician.

#7. Create small post-wedding plans

Ways To Deal With Pre Wedding Jitters

Uncertainty is another cause of anxiety. After your honeymoon, all your plans are grand. Your plan to have a child, your plan to buy a house, etc., all these are likely to induce a great deal of stress in you. This is the moment to take a step back. Create some plans that are not stressful at all. Plan a date post-wedding to try a new restaurant. Or, plan to take a painting class together. These small plans will give you some control and certainty over your life again, and a great way to look forward to more of what is ahead.

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#8. Stay connected with your fiancé

Ways To Deal With Pre-Wedding Jitters For Every Bride-To-Be

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When you get too stressed, just try to remember why you took the decision to get married to your fiancé. Thinking of your fiancé will calm you down for sure. Keep in touch with each other over the phone even if you cannot meet. Comfort and ease each other’s nervousness, and be available at all times.

#9. Find humour in your wedding mistakes

Ways To Deal With Pre Wedding Jitters

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There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. You and your partner should consider finding ways to make wedding mistakes and problems more fun. For example, you and your partner can create bingo cards, where you fill out potential wedding mistakes in all of the spaces. When one comes true, mark it off on the card. First one to complete a set gets something romantic from the other partner. This makes wedding mistakes more enjoyable, so you are less focused on perfection and more on having fun.

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#10. Add humour to the wedding

Ways To Deal With Pre Wedding Jitters

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Humour is such an important tool for relieving wedding anxiety. Find a way to add humour to your wedding as best as you can. Add a photo booth to the venue, and keep silly props, which everyone can use to take funny photos. These types of little things will add levity to the event, and the two of you will find the anxiety symptoms to be less overwhelming.

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A bit of anxiety before your wedding is natural. But, too much of it will take away from your ability to enjoy the ceremonies. Use the above tips to relieve anxiety and enjoy your wedding.

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