Watch How A Simple Sweater Unites This Couple Even After Death

Watch How A Simple Sweater Unites This Couple Even After Death

What is true love? Is it what we see in films or read in books? Does love exist when life’s journey gets tough or does it fade away? Is there true love anywhere around us? These are some things that all of us think over at some point or another.

When we first saw this short video, Mehrooni, we were silent for a while. It made us realise that sometimes examples of true love exist right in front of us, but we fail to notice them. But, we don’t want you to do the same; and that is why, we are sharing this beautiful video about love with you. So, here you go.

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This is a short film with ordinary characters and a simple story, but full of emotions that are heartwarming, real and extremely touching. It would leave you either speechless or emotional, for us it actually did both!

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The narrator

When the narrator begins to tell the story, one is immediately immersed into his world. The dusty sunrise of Mumbai city and the masses that ride the local trains, quickly become familiar to even someone who has never really experienced them. As the story moves forward he creates a brilliant state of expectancy that is fulfilled wonderfully by the events that unfold.

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Mr. & Mrs. Sharma

This average-looking couple, soon makes us a part of their day just as the narrator does. Their glances at each other makes you want to believe in love again. The way the wife holds on to her husband’s hand, and how she knits a sweater makes the viewers long for love like that. It is not overt or covert. It is real, tangible and that is what makes it very attractive.

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A touch of love

Those moments when you notice the unfinished maroon sweater, when you hear Mr. Sharma speaking and telling his story, and when you see how the once smiling man has now become sad and bitter, you realise just how much his wife loved him, all those moments do not fail to touch our heart. We realise the importance of that "one hour" and that "one maroon sweater" that will always be a part of Mr. Sharma's love and memories of his wife.

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This story makes you feel the power of love. Everthing in this video, from the people to the story and its music, is bound to touch you, and helps one in redefining the meaning of true love- love that exists even after death!

Video Courtesy: Colour Bar Entertainment
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