VJ Bani Says 'I Love You' To Her Beau Yuvraj Thakur For The First Time Through A Kissing Video


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VJ Bani Says 'I Love You' To Her Beau Yuvraj Thakur For The First Time Through A Kissing Video

Ever since Bigg Boss season 11 went on air, she has always been in the news, gaining millions of fan following. Her relationship rumours are as much the past of her reportage in media.

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Well, we’re talking about the most famous VJ in India, Bani Judge, popularly known as VJ Bani.

VJ Bani Yuvraj Thakur Affair

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Her rumoured beau and famous actor Yuvraj Thakur, and their dating speculations started on Big Boss itself, when she had confessed to another contestant:

“We didn’t date for a while. So this one day, he was in the gym. He took off his T-shirt. So I told the manager of the gym that no one can take off their T-shirt when I am in the gym, and we laughed it off. He got a bit shy and said he wanted to take a picture. So I told him if you want to take a picture then take with me. That is the first time we spoke.”

VJ Bani Yuvraj Thakur Affair

She further added:

“I saw the post and I thought it was a bit too much. So after that every time I saw him in the gym, I used to make fun of him. And then he started smiling. That’s the first time I noticed him smiling and he has a very cute smile.”

VJ Bani Yuvraj Thakur

Ever since then, Bani and Yuvraj never came out in public and confronted their love for each other. But now, the barriers have been broken, and the so-called khullam khulla pyar karenge hum dono, now best suits the couple.

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But why? Well, the reason is that she posted a Boomerang clip on her Instagram handle in which she is getting showered with all the love from Yuvraj. 

Have a look at the clip:



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And not only that, she even said those lovely three words in the caption:

“No throwback or flashback more like a gratitude post. To @yuv_thehuman, to me, to the Us we love so much (and do our best to not get too attached to.) Some days it feels like time stands still when you leave and there's this moment of absolute stillness around. And then it takes a little bit to remember that right, I do carry on doing this life thing until we meet again lol. To the best and worst of us, to the ying and the yang, the sunrise and the sunset. To the not knowing and the ToTo (lol) To the brutal honesty and fearlessness, to loving with all we've got And in case I didn't tell you already, THANK YOU!! I love you!”

Well, it can surely be asserted that the video and the caption, are a proof that love is in the air.

VJ BANI Yuvraj Thakur

But hey! Do you remember when Yuvraj had first confessed about her love for Bani? 

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Here’s how he did this:

VJ BANI Yuvraj Thakur

which he captioned:

“This is the point where I dissolved into everything and became nothing. Now I am her and she is me. I lost myself only to find that the one whose lost was never me, could never be me. Because in life there's nothing to lose or win. Wherever she is that's the most sacred place in the world for me, that's my holy ground, that's my spiritual practice, that's where I fail miserably, that's where I rise gloriously, that's where I set my demons free, that's where I let them run wild, this place is nothing and so it's everything. . .”

VJ Bani Yuvraj Thakur

Well, that’s amazingly sweet, but did you notice that the Boomerang and Yuvraj’s confession picture are the same? Doesn’t it seem that two were shot on the same day? Does that mean that Bani had been sure of her love for Yuvraj for quite some time, but only went on-record today?

Whatever the truth is, we’re so happy that the two have now openly accepted their love for each other. Now, their fans have yet another reason to drool over them. We wish them a happy bonhomie.

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