Virat Kohli's Sprawling 500 Sq. Yards Gurgaon Family Home Worth Rs. 80 Crores Is A Piece Of Art

Virat Kohli's Gurgaon house has an extravagant drawing room, a well-connected pathway, a quaint bar, a spacious living room and much more. Check out!


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Virat Kohli's Sprawling 500 Sq. Yards Gurgaon Family Home Worth Rs. 80 Crores Is A Piece Of Art

Considered as one of the best batsmen of India, Virat Kohli is an international sensation, who rules millions of hearts. The Indian skipper has earned fame and recognition at a very young age. He has countless accolades to his career over the years, which includes several prestigious trophies, including Padma Shri. Apart from his professional life, Virat Kohli is enjoying a blissful married life. The cricketer is married to Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma, and they are blessed with a baby girl, whom they've named Vamika Sharma Kohli.

Virat Kohli is into everything luxurious, and his king-size lifestyle is the proof of the same. The cricketer owns two palatial homes, one in Mumbai and the other one in Gurgaon, and he along with his wife, Anushka, and daughter, Vamika, shuttles between them. Well, Virat Kohli's Worli house needs no introduction, but, not many know about his luxurious Gurgaon bungalow worth Rs. 80 crores. The lavish bungalow located in DLF Phase 1 of Gurgaon, boasts a private pool and contemporary decor. Let's have a sneak-peek into his lavish abode.

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anushka and virat

The perfect family home

virat gurgaon home

Virat Kohli's Gurgaon home is spacious and equipped with all the amenities. His brother, Vikas Kohli along with his wife, kids and mother reside in this house. Moreover, Virat, along with his wife, Anushka Sharma and their daughter, Vamika often visit their family home. Apart from that, Virat's sister, Bhawna Kohli Dhingra also spends her vacations with her family at this house. With greenery all around and a peaceful environment, the house provides a relaxing atmosphere for Virat Kohli's mother, Saroj Kohli. The family often spends quality time together in this lavish house. From enjoying meals at the dining table to hanging out on the balcony, and having a fun chit-chat session in the living room, the Kohli family is often spotted having a fun-filled time in their house.

virat gurgaon home

Unique architecture

virat kohli gurgaon home

Spread across an area of 10,000 sq ft, Virat Kohli's Gurgaon bungalow is a perfect blend of luxurious elements and a modern aesthetic. The house is the perfect space for the cricketer to hang out with his family. While a few people have trolled Virat Kohli for wasting a hefty amount on his Gurgaon home, but, it would be an understatement to say that Virat's abode is a piece of art. Virat Kohli has spent a fantastic price to make his abode a dream home, which has some of the best features to offer. Virat Kohli's Gurgaon bungalow is royal by all means. Right from the furniture to the decor items to the interiors, every detail about this house is phenomenally royal.

Living room

living room

The living area of Virat's home features a large grey L-shaped sofa, a wooden console and a wall-mounted TV. The statement lamp in the corner gives an aesthetic look to the place. Another unique element in the space is the solid wooden coffee table that matches the overall interior of the area. Needless to say, this area is the favourite spot of Virat Kohli as he often spends his time here watching fun movies with families. Not only that, he sometimes invites his friends over to his arcade station for playing online games in his living room. With an excellent seating space and a large TV with a fully-equipped playing console, the place is perfect for the players to quench their thirst for games. However, the most attractive element is the vertical gardening lining the room, which makes this space exquisite.

Drawing Room

virat kohli home

Talking about the drawing-room of his house, King Kohli has opted for a simple look for the drawing-room. With dark-toned walls perfectly complementing the wooden furniture, the space completely stands out. Moreover, the giant lamp, a round coffee table, and the unique furniture items add a regal touch to the overall decor of the area. Apart from that, the glass wall overlooking the alley, makes the space appealing to the eyes. However, the most eye-catching element is the beautiful round chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the room.

virat gurgaon home

Virat's Bedroom

virat kohli bedroom

Virat Kohli has a royal taste and by just a mere glance of his house, one can guess the time and energy the cricketer has invested in building his dream home. The cricketer has left no stones unturned to make every corner of his house look ravishing. And when it comes to Virat's bedroom, it has a simple decor and yet exudes elegant vibes. With a wooden low bed and matching flooring, the bedroom reflects Virat Kohli's love for simple elements.

Well-connected pathways

virat kohli home

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virat kohli home

Spread over 500 square yards, the sprawling bungalow is designed in such a manner that the paths keep every area of the house in good contact. Moreover, the well-placed light and hanging light fixtures keep the paths illuminated, avoiding too much glare. Apart from that, the artistic pieces, decor and glass bannisters supporting the marble staircases lend an extravagant vibe to the home.

The eccentric bar

virat kohli bar

While some people may find it odd when we say that Virat Kohli has a separate corner dedicated to a quaint bar, well, we don't blame you. Virat Kohli is a fitness freak and a national cricket player, who keeps his health and fitness as the top priority. And for someone who is dedicated to his fitness, drinking is the last option. And same is the case with Indian skipper, Virat Kohli. However, Virat often invites his friends over and when it comes to entertaining the guests, his quaint bar comes into play. With dark-coloured walls, an elegant marble deck and unique wooden stools, this bar is a sight to behold.

virat kohli home

Virat Kohli's garden area

virat kohli house

The garden area of Virat Kohli's family home is his wife, Anushka Sharma's favourite spot, and with a mere glance of the area, we can't blame the actress for her choice. The area is covered with velvet green grass and a lot of seasonal flowers. However, just across the sprawling garden, a tile path leads to a rustic and antique looking wooden staircase. These stairs lead to the first floor and upon climbing them, one shall reach the classy and glamorous hanging pool. 

Virat's Unique Hanging Pool

virat kohli's swimming pool

Virat Kohli’s Gurgaon home is the perfect example of a modern mansion with multiple amenities. It goes without saying that Virat Kohli's residence reflects his classy personality, and love for everything chic. Apart from the beautiful interiors, pristine floors, and an exquisitely crafted structure, there is a unique hanging block nestled in his house. Not many know that this block acts as a hidden pool within Virat Kohli’s Gurgaon house, and the beauty of this area never fails to amaze the visitors! 

virat kohli home

Every element in Virat Kohli's Gurgaon house is stunning and complements the luxurious vibes of the place, and we are in awe of it! 

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