Unexpected Wedding Costs That Soon-To-Be Brides Overlook


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Unexpected Wedding Costs That Soon-To-Be Brides Overlook

As the big day draws near, you experience a mix of emotions. You are nervous yet excited thinking about your new life ahead. And yes, there is a lot that is on your mind and in your ‘to do’ list, as you want everything to work out perfectly.

Yet, there might have been a few details that may slip out of your mind and leave you struggling with the budget later on. We are not just talking about the obvious ones like the taxes and overtime costs. Here are some things that are more expected to happen and more common to be overlooked. And, these things will pinch your budget once the bills start arriving.

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#1. Alterations

Unexpected wedding cost

Brides invest a lot of money and time in searching and selecting for their perfect bridal outfit. But, what most brides ignore or forget to add in the budget are the alteration charges.

The designs that you see in designer boutiques or bridal stores are just sample sizes, and as you make alterations to the piece, you are billed accordingly. Any number of patchwork, hem work, or any slight alteration you might get done, the store might bill you for that, so be prepared.

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#2. Dress draping expenses

Draping the dress

You have booked your makeup and hair stylist months in advance after taking trials and are all set to leave for the salon with your wedding outfit and accessories well in tow. However, you might be surprised to know that after getting ready in your wedding outfit your salon will bill you for the draping charges as well.

Yes, many salons charge extra for draping the outfits. So, it would be great if you carry some petty cash to dispense such last minute costs.

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#3. Last minute accessory changes

Unexpected wedding cost

Brides usually carry all the jewellery and accessories that they want to wear with their wedding outfit to the salon. Yet, if your salon stylist doesn’t quite like some of your accessories, he or she may suggest you try something different from the salon. Of course, you would want to go by an expert’s opinion and you might allow the stylist to change your accessories. This would mean a last minute expense for which you might not be carrying just enough money. It also means an extra charge added to your already hefty bill.

It is always great that you either carry ample cash along or discuss about your outfit and accessories with your stylist beforehand.

#4. Lingerie and toiletries for the first night and the morning after

Unexpected wedding cost

You meticulously pack your entire trousseau carefully and handover the suitcases to be transferred to your new home. But, once you enter your room in your new home, you might realise that one of your suitcases containing clothes for your first night and toiletries is missing. It is probable that it is either still lying in the car or in someone else's room.

Usually, it is quite an uncomfortable situation for a new bride to ask around for things like these. So, instead of landing yourself in such a situation, put either your sister or your to-be husband’s sister up to the task of safely transferring your night bag to your new home.

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So dear brides-to-be, keep these things in mind while you are out planning your wedding budget. To tackle such situations, make sure you have some margins in your budget and some extra money in hand!