7 Unexpected Wedding Costs That Can Blow Your Budget


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7 Unexpected Wedding Costs That Can Blow Your Budget

Apart from outfit trials and food tastings, sticking to your budget is the trickiest part of wedding planning, especially because there are so many hidden costs. And, you know more than us that every penny counts when it comes to planning your wedding.

To help you keep the wedding within your budget, allow us to share from our experience those veiled costs you need to keep in mind when allocating finances.

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#1. Bachelorette parties

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More and more groups are planning for weekend getaways like excursions or beach celebrations. Brides-to-be are taking their friends to exotic places. But, instead you may want to stay close to home to avoid extra travel costs. You are anyways bound to have fun with your group no matter where you go. You may even choose to rent out a home and plan plenty of activities to keep fun going.

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#2. Licenses and permissions for the event

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Do not forget to make your marriage legal! You may be required to take permissions from local authorities for playing music at any function for your wedding celebrations. Also there are other licenses and permissions that need to be acquired for getting an artist to perform during any of your function.

#3. Extended stay

This is something that may happen more often than not. It could be you or close families who may want to indulge for another day. Also, there are instances where there are flight reschedules and cancellations of your relatives, in which case you may have to provide an extra stay. Also, bear in mind the check in and checkout timings with the hotel.

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#4. Unexpected guests

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Inevitably, a guest who sends an RSVP “no” may turn up anyway, a clueless friend will show up with an uninvited plus one, or your cousin’s cousin will bring her kids. As rude and upsetting as this may be, it should be anticipated by planning ahead for a couple of extra dinners and place settings.

#5. Room service

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Make provisions for those growling tummies at wee hours. In case this cost is going to be borne by you, an additional expense needs to be made for the same.

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#6. Alcohol cost

Hosting an alcohol bar for your wedding is a huge expense. How big depends on the size of the wedding and the drink selection you are willing to offer. Also keep in mind the corkage charged by the hotel for bringing in personal liquor. Always keep a backup stock ready in case the consumption exceeds your expectation and calculation. Purchasing liquor from the hotel will cost you more.

#7. Gratuities

When you are already paying astronomical costs, it may feel downright painful to add a tip on top of that if you have not budgeted accordingly. It may be for the often forgotten helpers, like bartenders, servers, valets, and other attendants. At the same time, bear in mind the contracts carefully to check for sales tax and service charges.

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Well then, congratulations you are already a budget savvy couple. Above are our most encountered last-minute cash crunchers. But, it is always advisable to keep a small percentage of your overall budget aside for such unforeseen contingencies to save you the embarrassment and your guests the discomfort. After all, you want all your friends and families to take back beautiful memories with them and for you to make the most wonderful one.

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