Ultimate Fashion Guide On How To Wear Stripes According To Your Body Type


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Ultimate Fashion Guide On How To Wear Stripes According To Your Body Type

Stripes is one such pattern which can be easily found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. The endless range of styles, shapes and colour combinations, is what makes experimenting with this pattern so much fun!

With several fashion notions attached to the stripes, picking the right one for your body type helps you to avoid common slip-ups that might ruin your look. So, here is a guide that will help you to know which type of stripes complement your body shape.

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#1. Divas With Apple Body Shape:

stripped clothing for apple shaped woman - bollywood shaadis

Girls with a bulky midsection find it hard to hide the weight around that part of their body, and hence work on to make it look slim. Wearing clothes with vertical stripes might be a great idea for them, as this can help in taking the attention off that little tummy. Moreover, it shifts the attention towards other parts of body, and helps in covering the problem area. Go for the darker shades and contrasting stripes, as that will be the perfect camouflage for the heavy midsection. It is also advisable not to wear clothes with wide stripes as they seem to make the body structure look big and heavy. Thin striped outfits are a great alternative as they can make the midsection look less bulky. So, girls who want to cover up their tummy, trying out a vertically striped coat might help in diverting the attention from the problem area. 

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#2. The Hourglass Ladies:

striped clothing for hourglass body shaped woman - bollywoodshaadis

With a perfect figure to flaunt, it is often assumed that ladies with slim waistline, rounded and wide hips, and buxom upper part can carry off almost every kind of style. But even for an hourglass figured girl, stripes can sometimes take them to the wrong side of the fashion rule book. Hence, it is always best to choose stripes that can further draw attention to your perfect curves. Chosing striped outfits where the pattern goes in the same direction, eventually accentuates your perfectly sculpted figure that most women can only dream to have some day.

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#3. Ladies With Pear Body Shape:

clothing for pear body shape woman - bollywoodshaadis

Image Courtesy: Harper's Bazaar (Left)

The ones with a heavy bottom, often lack fullness around their upper body part, hence are termed pear-shaped. They would have great wider hips, but narrower shoulders in proportion to the broader hip plane. Girls with such a desirable body structure seldomly look bad in whatever they don. But, even they need to be careful in order to make their upper body look equally full as their hips. It is best to choose clothes with stripes for the upper half to give out the false impression of buxom bust. Thick stripes on the top most area of the body can help give the narrow shoulders a broader look. Vertical stripes on the hips can also make the butt look slim and in proportion to the upper side of the body.

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#4. Petite Wonder Women:

stripped clothing for petite body shape - bollywood shaadis

Girls with a slender body, but not too much of height can also carry off stripes in great style without having to worry about their tiny, small-boned appearance getting too much attention. Adding outfits with vertical stripes to your wardrobe can be a good idea as they can add more height to your figure. Creating an illusion of height becomes easy with vertical stripes. It is best to stick to small patterns as big stripes may not complement your petite figure. Taking a vertically striped handbag can also work well in creating an illusion of height for your small-framed body.

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#5. Slender Woman:

striped clothing for slender shaped woman - bollywoodshaadis

Image Courtesy: Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Left)

Those with a good height but slender and broad shoulders can downplay their boyish figure by accentuating their tall body frame with thick horizontal stripes. Dresses with horizontal stripes across the chest can give a curvaceous look. You can also experiment with dresses having different combinations of stripes to emphasize curves at the right places.

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Looking perfect in stripes is not so difficult, but keeping a few points in mind can help you create a stylish look. Boost your confidence and rev up your fashion quotient as you wear stripes the next time while stepping out!



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