9 Types Of Bridesmaids You Will Find In Every Wedding Party


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9 Types Of Bridesmaids You Will Find In Every Wedding Party

A wedding is never complete without your bridesmaids. They will keep reminding you to breathe, offer you tissues when you cry, and will be your rock in hard times. Who else can they be, but your bridesmaids, your right hand in your dream wedding? (READ: 10 Awesome Types Of Girlfriends Every Soon-To-Be Bride Needs With Her During Her Wedding).

Amid the hefty dose of family politics, you will be very confused about choosing the right bridesmaid. Minimise the risk, and do not get into who should and who should not be the one. Just look for your best girls. However, just like the different sizes of shoes, bridesmaids also come with different personalities and qualities. And, here are a few bridesmaids that are present at every wedding.

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#1. The planning goddess

You will be lucky if you find this one soon enough. Not just your visits to the designer, hairdresser, makeup artists, and even the perfect hen party, she will just plan the entire wedding without a sweat. You can easily rely on her, be it for the chores or planning the honeymoon. She would have planned these even before you would have thought about it, so that your big day goes without a hitch. Not just that, your makeup artist or choreographer cancelled at the last moment? Do not panic. This bridesmaid will already keep back-up options. Yay!

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#2. The do-it-all girl

She is your dream bridesmaid, who will do everything for you. Right from fitting you into your heavy attire to feeding you while your hands are covered in mehendi. She will even help the family in the wedding chores. You can call her for your pre-wedding packing, and her creative ideas would just surprise you. She is the one who will bombard you with the wedding ideas about everything, right from your bridal lehenga to your trousseau. Forgot to pick up the wedding jewellery? Worry not, she will just do it for you.

#3. The party woman

Now, do we need to say more? You can trust her for a rocking hen night. She knows the moves, the playlists and how to hold you back when things go out of control. Not just that, she will pep up all your functions by being the first one to hit the dance floor, and getting everyone to move their feet as well. She would also know how to make your mother-in-law dance to your favourite number. And, if you are stressed out, she would know exactly how to cheer you up, maybe with a glass of bubbly!

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#4. The face of social media

You cannot afford to miss this one. She will be the one clicking selfies and letting the world on social media know that it is your special day. She will be the one clicking you every time and from all possible angles (the best ones!).On a serious note, she will be your go-to person whenever you need to get a picture clicked during all your functions. Being a bridesmaid, she will manage to click all your candid shots with perfection. Plus, she will also constantly gather groups to click selfies. Won’t you love to have someone always around to capture your super special moments?

#5. The chilled out partner

These are the most in-demand bridesmaids. You will not see any panic or frown on her face during the entire course of the wedding madness. She will be as calm as a river, always sporting a smile. She is the one who will keep reminding you that everything is going to be okay in the end, and panicking will not help. She would be mellow, laid-back, and would not get caught up in any drama. She will be the one patiently explaining to you the benefits of a marriage, if at all you develop cold feet at the last moment. Relaxed, composed, go-with-the-flow, that is her. She will just dump your stress within minutes. Perfect to go to if you are having any doubts about any of your decisions.

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#6. The cranky one

Now, how can a wedding end without a cranky bridesmaid? She is not the bride, but no doubt, she will behave like one. Anything and everything will irritate her. With a grumpy face, she will crib and complain about functions starting late, or friends not coming on time, or just getting very tired due to the wedding. But, eventually she is your bridesmaid, just that it will be the other way round- you will have to pamper and take care of her.

#7. The not-so-prepared bridesmaid

There will always be one bridesmaid, who will be unprepared to be one. Any kind of responsibility, might it be any wedding chore or organising the hen party, will just come as a surprise to her. Also, if she had not been a bridesmaid earlier, she would not really know her duties. Time commitments might be a rude shock to her, and she might be busy shopping for her own self most of the times.

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#8. The unreliable one

Try to avoid having such a bridesmaid for your wedding. You just cannot trust her for anything- she will be late for the functions, or would not help you with the wedding chores even if she would have promised you earlier. Forget about meeting her, it would be really difficult to get hold of her for anything. Well, this is just a warning!

#9. The fashion queen

Well, well, she will be that hot looking woman whom everyone would eye. All your relatives would be after her for dressing up and makeup advice. And of course, everyone would like her to be part of their selfies. She will help you choose everything, right from your dresses to your shoes and will also keep a check on your makeup. You can vouch on her to help you look fantabulous on your special day.

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So, any more confusion about your bridesmaids? You will be seeing them in all your special moments, and the time you will spend with them may not come back. It is your day, and you deserve the best. Don’t stress, choose wisely.