7 Types Of Flowers A Couple Can Choose According To Their Style For Wedding Decor


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7 Types Of Flowers A Couple Can Choose According To Their Style For Wedding Decor

It is said that matches are made in heaven and solemnised on the Earth. So, it is only natural to lay a beautiful setup for the two souls to be united forever!

Whenever one has to think about decorating the venue for a wedding, flowers are what cross the mind first. There are so many different varieties of flowers and they are all beautiful! If you are confused about what flower you should choose for your wedding, read and consider which one of these flowers is the closest your nature as a couple.

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#1. Roses for the romantic

Roses are undeniably the most romantic and poetic of the flowers. Their different colours might stand for different phases of a relationship, but they all primarily signify love. Roses would be the perfect choice for the couples who are really romantic.

P.S. If your relationship has developed from friendship, you can use different tones of roses to tell your story!

#2. Gerberas for the cheerful

Talk about happy things and gerberas will definitely be on the list. These sunny beauties have a cheerful core. With their bright hues, they can make even the dullest background look gorgeous. For the easy going couples who love to spread their positivity around, gerberas would be a great option.

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#3. Orchids for the elegant

Orchids are a sign of royalty and rightly so, as they were the personal favourite of queen Victoria and her royal troop! Although they come in limited colours, they are perfect for creating flower canopies. These royal flowers are the best choice for the couple who wants their wedding to be as elegant as possible.

#4. Marigold for the traditional

Marigold holds a special place, especially for Indians. They are traditionally used whenever an auspicious ceremony takes place and yes, a wedding is one of that. Marigolds are easy on the pocket and give every venue a beautiful orange tint. Marigold will suit those couples who believe in the traditions.

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#5. Carnations for the modest

Carnations, humble flowers that come in a staggering range of colours. The colours have a powdery effect, thus, they would look amazing at a day wedding. These flowers are undoubtedly very beautiful, but grounded. So, they should grace the wedding of the couple that is equally humble and reserved.

#6. Delphinium for the adventurers

Delphiniums are not your regular flowers, they are wild! These distinct flowers symbolise boldness and uniqueness. Although, these are hard to get, Delphiniums make beautiful archways. Needless to say, this flower is for the adventurous couple with an eccentric soul.

#7. Peonies for all the couples

Peony has great symbolism for the Chinese. The name peony translates to ‘the most beautiful’ and one look at them is enough to justify it! Peonies are very beautiful but they are also a symbol of honour. According to the Greek legend, they wish for marital bliss in a perfect way. Thus, these pretty flowers are excellent for every kind of couple.

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Flowers can further increase the charm and the beauty of any place effortlessly. They induce magic wherever they go. Decorating the wedding venue with different flowers is an age old practice, but what could be better than the decoration reflecting your style? So, go ahead and make that wedding completely yours!

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