True Love Story Of An American Woman Who Found Her Soulmate In Rural India


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True Love Story Of An American Woman Who Found Her Soulmate In Rural India

We all fall in love, but how far are we truly willing to go to keep that love in our lives? Here is a story that will make you wonder how is it possible for two people from completely different backgrounds to establish a bond of love and understanding.

Meet 41-year-old Adriana Peral, an American citizen, who loves to party and is a grandmother of two. And, meet 25-year-old Mukesh Kumar Ror, a farmer from Haryana, who lives the most traditional Indian village life you can think of. Want to know what is so special about these two individuals who are so different in almost every way imaginable? Take a look at this video and you will know why we got hooked to this jodi.

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How different are these two?

Here is a list of things that divides these two people:

  • Age,
  • culture,
  • upbringing and society,
  • education and language, and
  • countries

And, here is what unites them- love, respect and understanding.

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Jab they met!

The unusual couple, Adriana and Mukesh, met on Facebook. As they continued to talk, they got close and bonded really well. Mukesh fell in love with Adriana and confessed this to her, (of course, in his not so fluent English). When he was persistent, Adriana flew down to India despite all the words of caution she got at home, suggesting he could be fake or a con man, etc.

But it just took one sight of the young man, who is a graduate in mass communication, outside the Indira Gandhi Airport for Adriana to make that life changing decision, and in a very traditional Indian ceremony, she married Mukesh.

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Beyond cultural shocks

There was a time when there was an American woman who loved to party, wear dresses and halter tops, step out in her heels, sip martinis and enjoy socialising. Nothing about this sounds out of place, right?

One look at her prince charming, and the same woman ditched it all to don salwar-kameez, wear sindoor and a mangalsutra, and to cover her head with a pallu at all times.

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Adriana showed an astounding transformation in just a few months of her marriage. She now lives with Mukesh, and his family in Popran village in the Karnal District of Haryana. She takes care of daily chores in her home, like sweeping the mud floor, cooking on a traditional stove, washing vessels and taking care of her in-laws and husband. She also takes out time to work at the farm with her husband. And like any other woman in the village, she also spends a good part of her time making cake pats from cow dung.

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Love triumphs

It was indeed difficult for Adriana, to settle down in the rural part of India. In California, she partied and enjoyed the American lifestyle, she loved shopping with her 25-year-old daughter and spending time with her grandchildren. Adriana, who worked as a receptionist in an acupuncture clinic back home, decided to change her lifestyle for her husband. She swapped that life to get accustomed to communal toilets and tiny shower enclosures.

Adriana was quoted confessing, “At first it was a real struggle, but soon you realise you don't need a fancy toilet or power shower to be happy.” She further adds, “I love my life here with Mukesh - I wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world.

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Yes, this American lady is truly happy with her duties and responsibilities as an Indian bahu. She loves the change, which she is sure will be a true cultural shock for any of her family and friends back home if they see her now. Mukesh too holds similar feelings of love and respect for his wife as she does for him. Mukesh says he loves his wife and she takes very good care of his family. Even his mother believes that her foreigner daughter-in-law is making all efforts to fit into their lifestyle and culture, and has been quite successful too.

Mukesh and Adriana are now expecting their first child. And, even though she loves her new life, Adriana wants to go back to her homeland so that she can be around her daughter and grandchildren as well, especially at this joyful time.

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Cynics might say that it is a story of infatuation with the idea of love and the difference of culture, or that their differences might soon weigh their love down. But, in the hearts of everyone who is in love or believes in it, this couple will surely find a corner. Well, whether they stay in this land or that, this city or a different that, we are sure this is a love story that defies many borders, literally!

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