Trendy Hairstyle Tips For Medium Length Hair


By Sreejan Guha Niyogi Last Updated:

Trendy  Hairstyle Tips For Medium Length Hair

Don’t have Rapunzel-like hair? Why worry- even mid-length hair can do wonders with your looks, and in the most stylish way! Leave it open with a perfect cut or style up with various hairdos- mid-length hair styling can be a thorough makeover for you!

The cuts will depend on your face-type, your sense of fashion and comfort. Some of the latest cuts you can try with your mid-length hair are:

- Long layers
- One layered cut with side fringe
- Long bob cut
- Wavy-hair layered bob
- Long wedge cut
- Shag ( layered shag adds volume, simple shag gives a sleek and defined look)

Well, these are some of the numerous cuts that you can try. With long hair, it is often a problem to leave the entire hair open. It might get messy in no time. But your mid-length hair, just let it loose. But styling your hair is different and requires skill and creativity.

Here are some not-so-difficult styles that you can tie up yourself yet grab those exclusive compliments.

  • A small bun with a side crownrow is a hit for evening parties.
  • If you have super curly hair, flaunt your crunch-free curls combing it back and using a hairband.
  • Side swept fishtail braid looks elegant with elaborate dresses like gown.
  • French roll- can never be out of fashion and one of the easiest ways to obtain that sophisticated glam look.
  • For a simple look, backbrush the front hair into a small buffet and leave the rest wavy using tongs, or for a little classy look, you can tie both the sides into crownrow and leave the rest length open.
  • Pony up- this simple yet fashionable style is always in vogue. Dress up for your office or an evening get-together, Ponytails gives you the sober look. Now-a-days you can stylize your pontytails by curling them or by straightening and adding volume.
  • Teenage girls can sport a pair of pigtails with colorful rubber bands.
  • For a very different look, you can straighten your side-front fringes and then make a small buffet near the crown and sweep the hair on one side to give a retro look,
  • Leave your locks here and there and tie up the rest hair into a bun. Messy hairbuns are the latest in fashion!
  • Have you heard of a Chinese bun? It’s easy and super neat. Make a top-knot. Insert a Chinese stick ( hair accessory) just above the knot. Divide the knot into two and roll them tightly over the Chinese stick and pin-up neatly.

Apart from different styles you can play with hair fashion with colored scarfs, bobby print headbands, crystal hairpins, natural or artificial flowers. Mid-length hair is easy to manage and style. So choose any style and stylize it your own way and there you will be-different, with the spotlight on you! © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.