Is Your Husband A Libra? Here Are The 10 Traits That You Can Expect From Him


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Is Your Husband A Libra? Here Are The 10 Traits That You Can Expect From Him

Libra is one of the most charming of all the zodiac signs. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, the Libra man is a loving, warm and compassionate being. He is a real prince charming and certainly knows how to treat the lady love of his life.

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Librans are usually very upbeat, with a positive outlook on life, which makes it great to have a Libra man as your significant other. If your significant other is a Libra man, consider yourself lucky! Here are some more traits that are typical in a Libra man.

#1. A born charmer

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Libra men are born charmers. It’s always fun to be around them, they will always make you feel special. They have the quality to charm everyone quite easily and excel at making everyone feel right at home. There’s only one downside to this that your female friends can get smitten by him too easily, so keep your eyes open!

#2. A die-hard romantic

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They are the kind of men who love to shower the woman in their life with gifts, love and attention. They are incredibly sweet and hardcore romantic at heart. He would make you feel special at every step of the way. It’s not unusual to get welcomed with flowers, scented candles, and divine food after a hectic day at work if you are married to a Libra.

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#3. A gentle and caring soul

Librans are peace loving people, they strive for balance which makes them gentle and caring with people around them. They prefer solving their differences in a calm, respectful and peaceful manner rather than resorting to violence and yelling. They genuinely care about people and are always concerned for the well-being of their loved ones.

#4. A loyal husband

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The ease with which a Libra man charms a woman, he is often mistaken for a flirt. But, that’s not so. When they commit to a relationship, they take care to be extremely loyal and true to their partner. Libras are typically amongst the most loyal signs, you are lucky if you are married or going to married to one.

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#5. A family man

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Family and friends are very important to Librans. They feel good when those around them are also feeling their best. This is why a Libra man would go to great lengths to make sure that everyone he loves is happy. And they also want you to reciprocate the feelings, which considering how good your husband is shouldn’t be too difficult.

#6. A creative mind

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Usually a man doesn’t take much interest in home decor and furnishings. But, you would be surprised by your husband’s stylish taste and strong aesthetic awareness. Librans appreciate everything beautiful whether it’s music, art or literature. And when it comes to romancing, they can get extremely creative.

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#7. A good listener

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Having a Libra man as your partner, you will always have someone to share your feelings with. Unlike most husbands, you can pour your heart out to him whenever you feel upset or want to share your desires, hopes, dreams or wishes with someone. He will be your true companion for life.

#8. A zest for adventure

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A libra is always up for some spontaneous fun, whether it’s a weekend trip to the beach or a road trip. He is a social being and loves social interactions and adventure, a perfect travelling partner if you love travelling yourself.

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#9. A balance seeker

To a Libra man, balance is very important. They don’t like extremes, and often take the middle road trying to please everyone. If they are pressurised to take sides, they might pull away.

#10. An observant man

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Libras are very good at observing the world around them, they often pick up things that others would miss. They are also very good at reading a person's thoughts and intentions before they have even said a word. With such a keen eye, he is most likely to keep his family away from most evils.

Libra men are fair at their dealings, pleasant to talk to, love keeping everyone around them happy and hopelessly romantic. Now, who wouldn’t want a husband like that?

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