Top Secret Destination Weddings


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Top Secret Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are common nowadays. But the right destination for your wedding is really important. For people who are planning a destination wedding, here are a few top luxury spots you should be aware of.


Grand Florence, Italy

The Grand Florence is one of the oldest hotels in Italy and the name conjures up elegance and royalty. Now this is a place to splurge and it feels priceless. The antique interior, opulent charm and grand beauty of the ballroom is just something that is a must have. Of course, it’s expensive but it will make for a memorable wedding. 


Devi Gargh, Udaipur

This city teems with majestic palaces that are really beyond description. Most Indian celebs do host their weddings at the Devi Gargh Lake Palace which is bang in the middle of a lake. The city itself has a whole lot of old world charm and there are numerous less expensive venues too that you can book for smaller budget weddings.


Neemrana Palace, Rajasthan

This palace is huge; spread out over a thousand different acres of land with massive sprawling alleys and minarets and looking over an entire city below it. The hotel is open for bookings during wedding season and you should take a look at it but it can be expensive.

Apart from these luxury wedding destinations, here are a few areas that you can select for your budget wedding as a cheaper destination. These wedding locations are inside the country and you can save a packet if you host your wedding during off season.



Goa is the one stop destination for fun. It has everything in any budget group and you can easily ensure that you find the right wedding venue, accommodation and catering during off season and peak season. You will have to book well in advance though.


Daman and Diu

This place is so tiny that you can cross from border to another on the other side of the state in a matter of four hours. But it is beautiful, cheap, and completely accessible for budget destination weddings.  

Although there are many more popular places like Ooty and Manali in India, a few are considered downmarket or common tourist destinations. But we suggest that if you can get the preparations down right, any locale can be made in to a good destination for a wedding.


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