Top 4 Wedding Disasters And How To Avoid Them


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Top 4 Wedding Disasters And How To Avoid Them

Dear soon-to-be brides, we know that your wedding is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. But, what if someone’s misdemeanour or some minor catastrophe threatens to ruin it? At times, despite all the meticulous planning and numerous checks, some unforeseen circumstances can give way to a few disasters. Here are a few common wedding disasters, that every bride needs to be prepared for. Let us also give you tips to find your way out of them.

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Disaster #1- A drunken brawl breaks out

Top Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Wedding is a time of celebration and merriment. But sometimes, too much celebration can take a wrong turn for you. We are all aware of those rowdy relatives and friends who just cannot handle their drinks. Well, what if a couple of tipsy guests may ruin your D-day?

Solution: If a brawl has already started, ask one of your brothers or friends to handle them. They can take such people out for some fresh air and can help to get the matters solved calmly. You can also keep a few helpers (Read: bouncers) around who can take care of the security as well as drunk guests.

Prevention: Well, you can prevent this situation by asking your bartender to keep a tab on people who are drinking too much. Ask him to water down their drinks and slip them a bit of lemonade or coffee occasionally.

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Disaster #2- Unexpected guests turn up

Top Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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You have made plans for 250 guests to turn up for your wedding. But, what happens when 300 turn up? The more the merrier may not go with a situation like this

Solution: If 25 odd extra guests have turned up at your wedding, there is no point in stressing out. Do not let something so small ruin your day. You should always ask your caterer and decorator to provide for extra food, drinks, chairs, etc., to deal with the extra guests.

Prevention: Include RSVP notes in your invitation card and request all your guests to either call you up or return the note, marking the number of people they would be bringing along.

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Disaster #3- Last minute pimple

Top Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them

You have got the best wedding dress, best photographer and best makeup artist to make you look absolutely perfect on your wedding day. But, a little blemish can wreak havoc on your whole look. Pimples can often be quite painful too.

Solution: If you see a pimple protruding on your beautiful, spotless face in the morning, then here are some simple tips to get rid of it. Ice can work wonders on a pimple. Take some ice cubes in a cloth, and apply this on the area. You can use toothpaste as well. Just apply some menthol toothpaste on the zit and keep it on for a few minutes. Then wash your face to see clear skin. Also, hire a good makeup artist who can help you cover up the affected area.

Prevention: Take a vow to stay away from oily and spicy food before your wedding. Have a strict beauty and skin care regime and follow it daily.

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Disaster #4- Your dress gets stained

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You have got the perfect wedding outfit. It suits you beautifully, and would make your guests go ‘wow’. But, what if you or someone accidentally spills something on your dress?

Solution: Keep some club soda with you. Sprinkle some club soda on the stain as it is an amazing on-the-spot cleaner. Or, just go to the washroom, and rub a little bit of liquid soap and water to make it go away. But, do not try this, if you have a turmeric stain on your dress since wetting it will make it only worse.

Prevention: First of all, be very careful when you eat or drink anything during your wedding. It is best to stick to safe, colourless drinks like lemon juice, water or soda. Stick to finger foods and stay away from dips or sauces of any kind. Also, make sure you have your best friend beside you to make sure that no other guests or any kids get near you with greasy and dirty hands.

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Well, we are sure our tips will help you deal with these disasters perfectly. In any case, remember such things can happen with anyone at their wedding. Your guests will only remember the beautiful smile on your face as you take the pheras and pose for pictures with your hubby!


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