Top 10 Tips To Help You Choose A Perfect Cake For Your Wedding


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Top 10 Tips To Help You Choose A Perfect Cake For Your Wedding

“How can I select a perfect cake for my wedding?” Is this question giving you a nightmare? Well, then it is time to keep all your worries at bay because we have few tips that will help you with your decision.

A wedding cake should be choosen carefully since it is speaks a lot about your taste as well as style. And we understand that with so many options available it might be difficult for you to select that one perfect cake. But, by following these simple steps you can easily zero in on the perfect wedding cake, which you have been dreaming for your nuptials. So, let us get started.

#1. Figure out what you want first

Image Courtesy: Inderjeet Gill Photography

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First you need to figure out what you want because then only can you move forward. Are you looking for a traditional cake or wish to get a customised cake? Whether you want to stick to staple flavours or experiment with something new? You have to decide these things first before you move to our next step. Deciding on these will ease your process of getting that perfect wedding cake further.

So, think on:

  • Traditional, simple design
  • Personalised design
  • Number of tiers
  • Flavour
  • Budget
  • Number of guests

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#2. Choose a known wedding cake bakery

Not every bakery can make wedding cake since it requires lot of work, detailing, technique, and of course time. Also, it is always better to settle for a cake designer who specialises in the style of cake you wish to have on your big day. While shortlisting cake bakeries or designers, look at a few things- flavours they offer, customisation they can do, time they take, and yes, the price. So, search, explore, and ask before selecting the bakery or the designer.

#3. Tell your budget without hesitation

Images Courtesy (left to right): Sarah Louise Cakes; Jessica Turley Photography

No matter how small or big your budget is, be frank about it from the very beginning. It will not only help you in choosing the cake, but will also help the cake designer to offer you design selections according to your budget.

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#4. Choose the right flavour

Image Courtesy (left to right): Clairella Cakes; Creative Cake Factory

These days cakes come in various flavours. So, if you are not that keen on having traditional sponge or fruit cake on your wedding, then try on a mix-layered cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, coffee cake, or any other flavours. Also, before taking the final call, always ask the baker about the few flavours that are a hit this wedding season. And, then pick the best one.

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#5. Then, taste it before buying it

Once you choose the flavour, always ask for its sample and taste it before you place the final order. It should taste as good as it looks. It is always better to take someone along for cake tasting. It will make the selection easier. 

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#6. Decide the theme of the cake

This is a step that is both exciting and exhausting at the same time. But hey, it is your wedding, and extra efforts will always get rewarded. So, if you have any specific theme or cake design in your mind, then carry its picture while visiting the designer. It will help them to understand your taste and style better.

Images Courtesy (left to right): Mom & Daughter CakesCake Art by Serena Soosay

If you don't have a picture with you, then try to give them as much as information possible about your wedding, like your dress colour, stage decoration, wedding theme or any other detail. They can use this information to give you a stunning customised and personalised wedding cake, complementing your wedding. You can also ask for their latest cake designs or search for it on the Internet before settling for one particular design or theme.

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#7. Keep your guests in mind

Image Courtesy (left to right): Sarah Louise Cakes; Cake Art by Serena Soosay

You must keep your guests in mind as well while ordering the cake. We are talking about their tastes and preferences (egg or eggless) in general. You wouldn’t want to end up ordering a red velvet or coffee cake with egg in it, for a traditional gathering, where more than half of your guests might be lacto vegetarians? So, keep this small, yet important detail in mind as well, before placing the order.

Smart way around this: Don’t order one huge cake. Have one cake in centre with your preferred flavour and design, and along with that serve two to three small cakes. These smaller cakes can be eggless and can even have some simple and safe flavour, say chocolate or fruit. This way, even your choosy guests can enjoy the cake, without any cribbing, right?

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#8. Do keep the weather in mind

Image Courtesy (left to right): Firefly India (via Mahima Bhatia Photography); Mother & Daughter Cakes

Always tell your baker whether it is an outdoor wedding or indoor since few icing/frosting tend to melt at certain temperatures, spoiling the look of the cake. So, mention them about your wedding timing without fail so that they can cover the cake with apt icing/frosting.

#9. Confirm the delivery details

Many people forget to ask two basic questions about the wedding cake – firstly, who will deliver the cake on the wedding day (or reception) and when? And secondly, who will set it up. Keep in mind that setting up the cake is not an easy task, and it is best to be left to the professionals. So, be clear about these points while placing the order.

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#10. Get things in writing

Images Courtesy (left to right): Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai; Cake Creations By Yami

Yes, one thing that goes for all the vendors related to your wedding is this. And, it applies to your wedding cake baker as well. To make sure that you get exactly what you have ordered- design, size, flavour, delivery date, time, and place - get things in writing. Be it either through a proper contract or on an official email.

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Thus, keep these points in mind and select the best cake for your wedding. There should be no room for error, as it is your wedding. So, note these points down, gear up and start selecting your wedding cake now!


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