7 Useful Tips For Indian Brides To Take Care Of Their Expensive Wedding Sarees


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7 Useful Tips For Indian Brides To Take Care Of Their Expensive Wedding Sarees

Every Indian bride loves her sarees. Be it any occasion before or after her own wedding, saree can be the perfect outfit for her to wear. It can make her look glamorous at a party as well as elegant at a wedding function. Well ladies, nothing comes without a little effort. Maintaining your gorgeous sarees and preserving their colour and texture requires care.

Before wedding, you spend a good amount of money on a lot of expensive sarees. You look for the perfect material, trendiest design, best colour and amazing texture. When you have invested this much amount of time selecting them, it only feels fair to put in that extra effort to keep them pretty, right? So, here are some tips to keep your expensive wedding sarees bright and beautiful for years to come.

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#1. Routine re-folding of zari

how to take care of your ethnic sarees zari

Every six months, take them out of your closet, and let them stay in mild sunlight for a few hours. And then, store them back. This would maintain their colour and shine. This also prevents any fungal attack or odour that the fabric might have picked up. While keeping them back, make sure you change the saree fold. This will prevent zari breakage and permanent creasing of the fabric.

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#2. Storing silk

how to take care of your ethnic sarees

Do not hang your silk sarees on metal hangers. They are best stored in a cool (not damp) place, folded and covered in a cotton cloth or bag separately. This is particularly important for silk sarees. Silica gel can be used to avoid humidity and preventing fungal growth on your silk sarees.

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#3. Regaining silk’s shine

tips to take care of your ethnic sarees

To regain the lost shine of a silk saree, wash in one-fourth cup distilled white vinegar mixed in one gallon water. Make sure you rinse off the vinegar well, so as to not damage the fabric.

#4. Taking care of heavily embroidered or embellished sarees

tips to take care of your ethnic sarees

For sarees with heavy embroidery or embellishments, make sure you fold them with the work-side inside to prevent any snag or tear. Also, never hang them on hangers, as it may cause the heavy embroidery to stretch and tear the fabric.

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#5. Stain removal

how to take care of your ethnic sarees

If you stain your saree, wash it with cold running water. If required, use a mild body soap on it. In case the stain is oily, use talcum powder or glycerine to dry the stain first before you wash it.

#6. Ironing silk and zari

tips to take care of your ethnic sarees

Take special care while ironing the sarees, particularly the ones with the silk and zari embroidery. It is advisable to iron it keeping a soft cotton cloth on top of the material.

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#7. Washing your sarees

tips to take care of your ethnic sarees

Restrain from washing your expensive sarees too often. In case you are washing them, let the first wash be in the salt water. This helps the colour to stay for longer. Check for colour-bleeding by washing a part first. Use soap only for the later washes. Do not squeeze the fabric to remove excess water. Let it air dry. Wash one saree at a time, rather than mixing sarees together in the tub. Silk saree and zari embroidery sarees are best dry-cleaned.

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The better you take care of your saree, the longer it will stay. And, now that you know the best ways to take care of them too, make sure your prized possessions stay with you forever!

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