6 Excellent Tips To Organise Destination Bachelorette Party On A Budget


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6 Excellent Tips To Organise Destination Bachelorette Party On A Budget

An all girls’ getaway is one of the best bachelorette gifts you can give your friend. With so many tour companies organising women only tours, it becomes easy to plan and take your bestie on a tour just before her marriage. However, a destination bachelorette can be costly.

Keep reading to find a few tips to plan a destination bachelorette party on a budget.

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#1. Talk to the bride

Foolproof Tips To Plan A Fun-Filled Destination Bachelorette Party On A Budget

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Though you are her BFF and know everything about her, you cannot take her wedding for granted and plan something she has no time for. So, find out about her plans and how much time can she get for her bachelorette.

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#2. Guest list

Foolproof Tips To Plan A Fun-Filled Destination Bachelorette Party On A Budget

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The guest list for a bachelorette mostly includes the bride’s closest friends. So ensure you include only the close friends of the bride, hence you can restrict the guest list. This will help you plan according to your budget. The invitation for the same goes to the bride from her BFFs only.

#3. Keep the trip short

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Do not opt for packages of more than four nights, the trip might get boring, and it will cost you more. Check for a small weekend trip for the best experience. Long trips add to everyone’s pocket. Also, not everyone can manage a long holiday, so you might end up missing a few people, who may be closest to the bride.

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#4. Choose the location

Be careful while choosing the location. Try to choose something near the bride’s city, and somewhere you can enjoy a road trip if there is a time crunch. This will help save travelling costs. Also, talk to the group, who are pooling in for the party. Try to choose an off-season location. Most of the times, there are discounts on stays and travels when going to the place in off-season, which will help you fit your trip within the budget. Check if the place you have chosen offers group discounts or if there is any website that will give you a heavy discount, as this will help you save some money.

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#5. Choose a home stay if possible

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Skip the hotels or luxurious resorts for the few nights, and check if you can find someone’s rentable home stay at your chosen location. Most of the times, people swap homes for a holiday on a budget. You can try that option also. Or, check if anyone from your group has a family vacation home somewhere. If it even has a backyard pool, then imagine all the fun you will have there. This will help you save a lot of money, so what is better than an entire house for yourself, during the trip.

#6. Bring your own booze

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Alcohol rates in hotels are generally high, so either plan something during the happy hours or try to plan a 'bring your own booze party'. Hence, you save money on the alcohol you get at the hotel. Every girl of the group can contribute a bit and get a few drinks for the bachelorette. And, if you have a functional kitchen where you are staying at, then you can cook something and party all night by playing some music as well.

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Every hotel, restaurant, and bar offers discounts. So, ask for it while doing the booking for the entire group. And, have loads of fun at the bachelorette party!

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