6 Unique Ideas To Keep Yourself Stylish Yet Warm While Attending A Winter Wedding


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6 Unique Ideas To Keep Yourself Stylish Yet Warm While Attending A Winter Wedding

It certainly becomes a little tricky for the guests to dress up for a wedding during the winter season, especially for the ladies. After all, who wants to be seen wearing an unsightly sweater over a stunning saree or lehenga? But then again, you don't want to fall ill by braving the winter chill in your fashionable dress.

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So ladies, to get you out of your dressing up dilemma while attending a winter wedding, here are some simple tips. Use them to stay warm while looking stunning.

#1. Layer up

 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm At A Winter Wedding

Now layering up does not mean you randomly pick up a scarf or jacket, and put them on. All the layers need to complement your dress. Teaming up traditional wear with an interesting jacket is a trend that has been making the rounds in the fashion world. So, use this to your advantage! You can team up everything from a saree and lehenga to anarkali with a trendy jacket, which has some warm padding. You can also match up your saree with a luxurious pashmina shawl. Also while choosing your outfit, opt for heavier fabrics like silk and velvet over cotton.

#2. Western wear

 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm At A Winter Wedding

If you are opting for western wear then you can always team up your dress with a cute jacket which will keep you warm. Also, pair your dress with leggings to keep your legs warm. A leather trench coat or a printed jacket can help you add drama to your outfit and keep you warm as well. You could also consider using a heavy khadi stole with your outfit.

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#3. Your secret weapons

 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm At A Winter Wedding

Full sleeves are one of the most important weapons which will help you keep cold at bay and look stylish as well. Besides this, you can wear thermal leggings beneath your sexy georgette saree to keep yourself warm. If you are going for a suit, then you can wear a thermal camisole beneath that. You can match your oufit with a lovely shawl or stole to make an interesting style statement at the wedding.

#4. Footwear

 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm At A Winter Wedding

When it comes to footwear, open shoes are not a great option for a winter wedding unless you want numb feet. If you are wearing socks then just make sure that they are not visible over your shoes because that will look extremely unfashionable. You can pair your Indian wear with ballets or pumps. Slip into ankle-length socks before you wear your shoes to keep your feet warm.

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#5. Stay warm at the event

 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm At A Winter Wedding

To keep yourself warm, drink hot beverages at the wedding. Just holding a warm cup of coffee or soup in your hand will help you to feel warm. Else you can get up and dance. Dance is a great way to warm up your body. Other than this, you can blackmail your gallant hubby to lend you his tuxedo jacket when the cold becomes unbearable. After all, he has to keep himself warm too!

#6. Fabric is the rescue

 Tips to Keep Yourself Warm At A Winter Wedding

Velvet fabric is very much in trend every winter season and so, it is one of the most preferred fabric to look royal and warm during a winter wedding. You can mix and match a velvet lehenga or what you can do is carry a velvet dupatta with any of your suit like a shawl and you are good to go. 

So lovely ladies, use these tips to keep yourself warm and look super-stylish while attending a wedding this winter season! All you fashionistas stay tuned with us to know more about Bollywood fashion.

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